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Your Beginner’s Guide to Luxury Wardrobe Care

Buying superior clothing for any type of occasion can prove to be costly over time, especially as it pertains to buying from well-known brand names and designers. While refined clothes are a plus, it’s better to take care of your current wardrobe items to keep them lasting longer than shelling out more money each month. Of course, this goes far beyond simply washing and drying – although these steps are still a must. Although this usually pertains to dress-up clothing such as suits, dress shirts, and slacks, the concept and practice can still be applied to other clothing styles.

For those luxury items, take every step you can to care for them properly! Here are some tips for you to get the most life out of your expensive wardrobe items.

Garment Brushing

Specifically intended for suit jackets and dress slacks, brushing removes all food particles as well as any dirt that has been lodged in the creases. The process takes less than a minute to complete and is beneficial in prolonging the life of suits and the like by requiring less dry cleaning. After brushing the outside of the jacket and/or dress slacks, take a few minutes to allow airing out while hanging them on luxury suit hangers.


The initial purpose of ironing is to aid in removing any and all wrinkles present in clothing. While this is typically done after washing clothes, ironing offers additional benefits that show in the body of the shirt and pants. Furthermore, it has been recommended by many consumers that irons over $20 work better to remove all wrinkles and get that perfect crease in the shirt and suit collar. Additionally, ironing gives clothing items like suits properly pressed cuffs. Of course, when you may be in a pinch for time, simply hang your dress shirt in the bathroom with the shower running.


While hanging your shirt up in a steam-filled bathroom is a quick and easy way to remove wrinkles from a shirt or dress pants, it is not necessarily as effective as it is to properly steam your clothing. There are two different ways of getting your clothing properly steamed. The first, via a professional steaming machine or, the second, via the built-in function of a traditional iron. That said, this method is best used on non-cotton material and doesn’t require that the iron touch the clothing. Simply, hover the iron over the piece of clothing you want to steam.

Clothing Storage

It is incredibly important to properly store your clothes once they are washed. This not only keeps a clean home but also keeps your clothing in excellent condition. You can store your nice dress shirts and slacks using your new luxury suit hangers. These hangers are typically made of sturdy wood and look fancy, providing a nice touch to the overall presentation of any suit or dress shirt. Additionally, you can store appropriate folded clothing neatly in drawers. Store Suits on Quality Hangers

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In conclusion, while the above information may be common knowledge it is worth mentioning that these are the best methods to properly caring for nearly any wardrobe style, especially dress shirts, slacks, and suits. Furthermore, it is true that there is a ton of additional information available online included information provided by Butler Luxury who offers a wide selection of luxury suit hangers, clothing tips, and other advice for the refined gentleman’s wardrobe.

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