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Why Choose Wood Flooring?

The expense that follows after you’ve decided on wooden flooring is probably why a lot of people simply disregard it without consideration even though it offers several advantages, like – 


  • Maintenance is easy! Simple sweeping can remove dust and dirt. Spills should be wiped promptly with a clean cloth and use of floor cleaners once in a while can do most of the trick.
  • Good quality wooden floors can easily last 20-25 years. Solid hardwood can also be refinished over and over again and that’ll give them a new life.
  • Wooden flooring is more hygienic and provides healthy indoor air, compared to other types of flooring. Carpets, for instance, can trap dust, debris, allergens, mites, and even fleas in their fibers, whereas hardwood doesn’t absorb any of those things like dust and pollutants.
  • Wooden Floors add to the aesthetic value of the house. It brings a luxurious and cozy look to the place. High-quality wood flooring wouldn’t fade over time and will give the home interior a boost.
  • Wooden Floor can even add to the value of the house.
  • A huge variety of types is available for you to choose from. Walnut, Cyprus, Pine, Oak, Mahogany, and many more. You may even have your contractor get you unique plank sizes and shades. Each of the wood varies in terms of color, and how resistant to scratches they are as well as how easy the installation is.
  • When damaged, restoration of wooden floors is easy to deal with. Simply replacing the damaged area and applying a fresh coat will make it look like new.
  • Wood is easily the best choice if you want to install an underfloor heating system.
  • Additionally, wood flooring doesn’t get cold in colder temperatures. Which means additional energy efficiency that will contribute towards lowering your bills.


  • Using the correct underlay, it might be possible to ensure the muffled sounds of walking.

Some Things to Keep in Mind –

  1. Wooden flooring is expensive. The quality of materials and the workmanship will cost more than what you may be required to spend on other options.
  2. High traffic areas may see discoloration over time.
  3. Prone to water damage as wood attracts rot, so it isn’t a suitable choice for places that experience heavy rain.
  4. Wood is susceptible to termite attacks.
  5. It isn’t fire-resistant.

So is Wooden flooring the right option? For most people, it is! Unless you live in marshes or underwater, wood is probably worth the money you’ll spend. The ageless appeal of wood, the elegance, and the warmth that stone and tile lack is what makes wooden floors stand out.

Whether you’ve already decided on wooden flooring or whether you’re still considering, visit Wooden Flooring Auckland for the best available deals.

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