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What Color Goes With Navy Blue Home Decor

We are big fans of using a blue color scheme. We love a bold pop in purple or a muted shade of green but the color of blue has an amazing versatility.

If we had to pick a favorite, navy blue would be our choice. It is one of the most beloved shades of the color wheel. It is timeless and versatile. It can be moody or muted at will, and it looks great with all things. It can be difficult to start designing navy blue spaces. There are so many options, which can lead you to a lot of analysis paralysis. Ask us how we can help.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by all the possibilities when you are trying to design with this timeless color. Here are some of our top pairings with navy. Some of these may not be what you expected. You can pair navy blue with a variety of colors, including bold and unusual combinations. This is why navy blue has been included in the pantheon.

We have some favorite old and new twists on the navy blue color scheme.

Navy Blue + Bright white: Clean & Classic

Some things are timeless for a reason. We’d be remiss to not mention navy blue when it’s paired with clean, bright white, one of the oldest and most trusted partners in crime. Although this combination might conjure up images of a nautical theme in your mind, it does not need to. Think of it as the more subtle, inviting counterpart to black and white.

Navy Blue + Earthy Green: Natural & Grounding

There are many pairings of blue and green in nature. It is only natural that we include a deep, earthy color. This pairing is almost foolproof, taking cues from blue skies and green fields or mossy ground.

Navy Blue + Light Turquoise: Spirited & Playful

Are you looking to bring out the spirited side of navy blue? Light turquoise is the perfect choice. Look at the paint cards in hardware stores to see if there is a color that matches the navy you have chosen, but in a lighter and brighter version. Classic navy will be revived by a wash of aqua turquoise, teal, or even Tiffany blue. This will bring out its hidden colors.

Navy Blue + Bordeaux

We have never been disappointed by jewel tones. In fact, they are almost as popular as navy. This rich blue can be paired with rich Bordeaux or emerald for dramatic drama that doesn’t stray too far from a timeless palette.

Navy Blue + Black: Bold and Unexpected

Be skeptical of conventional wisdom. It’s official. You can combine navy and black. Although the traditional fashion advice says not to, we have seen enough beautiful spaces to convince us that navy and black are a possible (and quite appealing) combination. To avoid the black from dominating your design, make sure you add a little contrast to the space with white or gray.

Navy Blue + Neon Purple

What is the best way for navy blue to let loose when it wants? You might be surprised at the answer. The vibrance of neon purple is something we didn’t expect, but we are now really enjoying it. There are many wild colors in this wallpaper, but we are more excited to see a combination of navy and neon colors now that it is planted.

Navy Blue + Gold: Glam & Traditional

A classic pairing that never goes out of style is navy and gold. This combination can be made to work in many ways. There are tons of complementing aesthetics, from modern to traditional, mid-century to modern. It’s the story of color schemes that you can “choose yourself adventure”.

Navy Blue + Bright Green: Bright & Energized

For color pairings, a quick rule of thumb is to choose one shade that is deeper and less saturated (blue grey) and another that is lighter and more saturated. This is a great example. This leafy, vibrant hue gives classic navy a lively feel that we love.

Navy Blue + Primary red: Bold & Lively

We know you have this combination from your childhood Crayola boxes. But there is a better way. The design looks more sophisticated and is less childish by using texture and different shades of the same blue family. You can liven up the design by adding a few pops of primary red.

Navy Blue + Terra Cotta – Trendy & Desert Chic

It’s not surprising that desert-chic color schemes like clay have been gaining popularity in recent times. Because blue is complementary to orange, muted shades of sandy colors add a pop of color to this classic shade. It also makes it feel more modern and trendy.

Navy Blue and Saddle Brown: Classic and Welcoming

Orange-y leathers have a similar complementary color scheme, which has an equally impressive effect. A leather with a slight orange or red tinge enhances the contrast with navy. This creates a warm, inviting look that is both comfortable and Americana-tinged. This may be our favorite combination of colors to date.

Navy Blue + Dark Sage: Soothing and Natural

This is one of those spaces that “exceptions prove the rule”. This space uses muted colors rather than using a saturated color as an accent. The space works, and it works beautifully. This dark sage is far from the moody richness that a deep emerald Green has, but it feels natural and peaceful in this navy and light-wood environment.

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