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The design trend for Western decor is the rustic, nostalgic Western style. This style embraces rich colors, natural materials, rich textures, and ethnic patterns. These can all be used to create a cozy, artistic, and warm environment. If you decide to decorate your home that way, there are some things you should consider. Let’s take a look at these western decor ideas for living room.

You can recreate the wild-wild West look in your home by choosing warm-toned colors that include lots of brown and sandy shades. You can add some color to your home with a bright red, fir green or clear sky blue. Spend a lot on natural materials like wood, stone and wrought iron, as well as genuine leather.

You can place a cowhide or bearskin rug on your floor, or hang an antler chandelier from the ceiling. You don’t have to be a horror at the sight of dead animal artifacts around. There are many other options, such as painting and figurines that can be substituted.

Most importantly, be creative. Check out our gallery for eye-catching Western design ideas that will inspire you.

The western-style family room has a conversation area with a large sofa, armchairs, and an ottoman table. It is situated in front of a stone fireplace, on top of a beige area rug.

This living room is inspired by the wild, wild West. It is decorated with a horse-themed leather set, which includes a 3-seat sofa, small coach, and an armchair with footstool.

Another living room design idea features wood-clad walls and leather seating. It also includes animalistic decor pieces such as paintings and lamps. The furniture is arranged around a wooden coffee-table with a wrought iron base.

This modern interpretation of Western-styled interior design is more contemporary. This design features a white leather sofa and three leather-covered seats that can be used as a coffee table.

This living room is stunning. The living room features stone-clad walls, a wood beam ceiling, and a magnificent fireplace. It can be enjoyed from the nearby seating area with two couches as well as a pair lounge chairs.

Another traditional living room design is here. This living room design features a lot of wood, which can be seen on the ceiling, floor, and walls as well as all furniture – cabinets and fitted units as well as sideboards and tables.

This little area of conversation is so inviting and comfortable that you will want to curl up on the leather sofa. The leather armchair is just as cozy and inviting. The feature wall at the back looks amazing all in wood.

This living room design uses neutral greys that are mixed with warm brown and beige shades. This sophisticated design is enhanced by the addition of chocolate-colored genuine leather.

The conversation area can accommodate an L-shaped sofa, which can be used to seat all the family during the evening. The modern Western-inspired design is warm-toned and features a wide range of natural materials like wood, stone and wicker.

This is a truly cowboy-worthy piece of design. It includes a leather seat set, a cowhide rugs, and many Western-style decor pieces like a horse sculpture and horse scene painting.

Another design idea that embraces Western culture and style is this one. This living area has a set of fancy leather and wood seating, as well as a matching coffee table.

This is a cheerful version of Western design. This design features traditional brown and beige colors but adds a splash of color to make it stand out. Patterned rugs and textiles add texture to the design.

The living room of this open-concept home has a high ceiling and wood beam ceiling. A wood- and leather seating set, which consists of a sofa and two armchairs, can be found in the living room.

This is a striking Western-style design that uses bold red colors. These are a great accent that will bring life to the entire space. Another great addition to this design is the native American-themed artwork.

The combo kitchen-dining area includes a kitchen with a bar counter, and a dining room with a round table. You will feel like you are in an American saloon with the leather bar stools.

The interior space includes a sofa, leather couch and checkered couches. Although the fireplace is stone-clad, the centerpiece of the interior is the antler chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.

Another living room that has been designed with Western flair is this one. This living room features a large stone-clad fireplace and a comfortable sitting area. This exceptional design is completed with a log ceiling.

This is a modern and simple living room design. This living room features a brown-toned sofa set, along with side tables and a wooden and glass coffee table. The design is completed with a striped rug and patterned throw cushions.

This is a mix and match design that combines Midcentury modern elements with Western style. This is a truly innovative approach. It’s a breath of fresh, beautiful air.

The Western-inspired interior design showcases unique furniture pieces that add a great accent to the room. The unrefined wooden console table and cartwheel-rocking chair are great fun.

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