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The New V12 Vantage: A Spectacular Finale For An Iconic Bloodline

Aston Martin, a British car brand, has unveiled its last fossil-fueled vehicle, the V12 Vantage, as it prepares to go all-electric. Since its inception fifteen years ago, V12 Vantage has been an integral part of Aston Martin’s passion for performance and a huge part of its brand. Aston Martin is closing in on this special lineage and has now introduced the most powerful Vantage!

Tobias Moers (Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer) said about the V12 Vantage that “Every great sportscar manufacturer has a hero vehicle.” The V12 Vantage has been that car for Aston Martin in recent years. The V12 Vantage RS Concept was first shown in 2007. It was a love letter from fans and customers around the globe. They fell in love with it because we could fit the largest engine in our smallest and most sporty model.

Aston Martin

The quad-cam 60-deg twin-turbo V12 produces 700 PS at 6500 RPM and 753 Nm of torque between 1800rpm and 6000rpm. It is a stunning combination of incredible low- and mid-range muscularity and powerful top-end power. V12 Vantage can reach 0-100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 200mph. This machine beast can also hold the largest engine in the smallest version.

The recipe has been improved over time with great success,

but the essence remains the same. It is now time to end this bloodline, fittingly with the most stunning example yet – the fastest and most powerful V12 Vantage ever. It celebrates its predecessors and is a symbol of Aston Martin’s increasing focus on driving dynamics. It ensures that the V12 Vantage takes out on the highest possible highs,” Tobias Moers said.

Although the V12 Vantage looks similar to its predecessors, it features weight-saving measures such as a carbon-fiber front bumper, clamshell bonnet, side sills, and composite rear bumper and deck cover. There is also a special center-mounted twin-exit exhaust system. The V12 Vantage has a 40mm wider frame and 21-inch alloy wheels. This allows for a wide-track chassis optimized for stability and cornering performance. The Vantage’s rear bumper features an innovative, unique bumper that incorporates a diffuser. This maintains aerodynamic balance front to back. It adds 204kg to its maximum speed. The standard Carbon Ceramic Braking system (CCB) is also available on the V12 Vantage.

V12 Vantage offers Alcantara or Woven leather seat inserts and trims inlays for the interiors.

You can color the anodized rotary dials in the center console to match or contrast with exterior or vivid colors. This allows for subtle dye injections inside the cabin. The layout of the current Vantage is retained. However, the Sports Plus Seat has been trimmed with ‘Wings’ in the quilted and perforated pattern. A supportive seat design is available for the 6-way manual adjustment carbon fiber performance seat. Aston Martin patented this design.

Marco Mattiacci is Aston Martin Global Chief Brand Officer and Commercial Officer. He adds, “At Aston Martin, we don’t just build cars. We sell dreams.” This is the beauty of this brand. The V12 Vantage is available to a very limited number of people around the globe, but its importance extends beyond its exclusivity. A V12 Vantage is not a common car, but Q by Aston Martin can customize it to your specifications.

The 2022 Vantage can be customized, just like every Vantage. Due to high demand, the brand has limited production to 333 units worldwide. Deliveries will start in Q2 2022.

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