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The Complete Buying Guide to Choose Your First Vintage Bike

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It should be kept in mind that vintage bikes including track and steel racing bikes have always had their collectors and fans since the start of the year 2000. Since then, a new generation of riders has also taken great interest in collecting, owning and riding these beautiful mechanical machines for everyday commuting and community events as well. 

In case you’re considering buying your first vintage bike from vintage bikes for sale services, then you’ve come to the right place as the following in-depth guide will help you know about vintage bikes in the best possible manner.

Absolute Buying Guide For Selecting Your First Vintage Bike

  • The Style Of The Frame

There’s no denying that the style of the bike’s frame is the foundation of the overall look of the machine. Before you start your search on the vintage bike category, it should be remembered that the bike’s frame is one of the most important elements of the bike. When it comes to overall popularity, steel frames come out on top during this point of the time – because steel frames are made to a massive high-standards. 

You can choose between traditional, classic and understated styles when it comes to the frame of the vintage bike. 

  • The Tyres And Wheels

When it comes to wheels of the vintage bike, there are mainly two variants to common wheel sizes. This includes the standard 26-inch one and other being larger than 26-inch size. 26-inch wheels are also found on mountain bikes as well. These tyres are tough, wide enough and are fantastic for riding in mixed terrains. 

When it comes to wheel sizes that are larger than 26-inch, these wheels tend to be slimmer and larger than the former. These tyres are used for travelling on the roads, thereby providing more control and comfort. Always go for wheels that have double-walled rims, so that the tyres are more strong and stable enough. 

You can select your tyre options with the sidewall being either white or cream coloured, which will add an extra tint of pop to the overall design of the bike. Modern tyres are mostly puncture-resistant, so you don’t need to worry much about them when buying vintage bikes

  • The Importance Of Gears

In case you’re thinking about whether to opt for gear-enabled cycles or not, then it should be remembered that a single-speed gear vintage bike will be perfect for your needs and you don’t need to look elsewhere. This is because they’re easy to use and also are low on maintenance too. 

If you want to go for six or seven-speed gears, then it should be kept in mind that such gears are only useful if you’re going for mountaineering or heading for the hills. Such gear systems will help you carry any load in your baskets or bags easily. You can also go for the middle-end 3-speed gear system, which will give you the ultimate balance between the advantage of using gears and also keeping the low maintenance of the bike too. 

  • The Brakes

Before planning on buying vintage bikes one of the most essential parts of the bike that you should pay heed to is the brakes. It’s recommended to always look for v-brakes or calliper brakes that have dual pivot. These types of modern brakes are much more powerful, reliable and also safer than other types of traditional brakes having callipers. 

Calliper brakes having dual-pivot support along with the v-brakes are also found on high-end quality bikes as well, which are intended for regular usage. 

  • The Right Kind Of Accessories

Some of the main accessories that you should always look into a vintage bike includes the chain guards, mudguards, kickstands, baskets or carriers and so on. These are all necessary and essential accessories that you should not skimp out on. In case you’re going for mudguards, make sure that it is full-length because during rainy seasons small mudguards can be an issue, as water on the roads might spill on your body and clothes. 

Furthermore, chain guards will avoid your legs and trousers from brushing against the mechanical chain puller and avoiding getting smudged in lubricating oil. Kickstands will allow you to keep you vintage bike standing on its own without having to lean your bike against any post or wall. Finally, with the help of carriers and baskets, you can easily carry your packages and things around, wherever you go.

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