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Remodelling Of Luxury Bathrooms On A Budget

Some people treat their bath as a personal spa where they can let loose and relax after a very tiring day. The only problem is that renovation costs for a luxurious bath could reach up to £12,000, that’s why not a lot of people get to achieve the bathroom of their dreams. if you want to bathe in luxury, but don’t have the cash to fund your dream- don’t worry! There are a lot of ways to build an ultra-swanky bathroom, on a budget, with the help of these penny- pinching ideas:

Bathroom Remodelling & Wall Decorating Ideas

Reuse or Recycle

Recycling isn’t just for garbage. It can also be applied to old bathroom fixtures too! Suppose you’re remodeling plan calls for new tubs and showers, but your budget is already running low. You can still complete your renovation plan by relining your old tubs and showers either by yourself or with the help of a professional. Take note that relining old bathroom fixtures can only be done on items made from porcelain, cast iron, and fiberglass, and if ever you go D-I-Y with relining you’ll need other equipment such as a sander, a spray gun, face mask, etc. to use a basic DIY refinishing kit. If the shopping bug has bitten you pretty hard and you just badly want to buy tubs and showers for your bathroom, try scouring eBay, Craigslist, and even Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore for used bathroom furnishings. You really can save a ton of money from buying old stuff in these places.

Don’t Go Crazy With The Tiles

Remodeling plan, renovation plan, renovation checklist, property renovation, renovation costs Tiles look good. But they can easily balloon your budget. Be wise whenever you want to incorporate tiles in your bathroom renovation. Tiles are expensive. Period. It even becomes more expensive when you hire a contractor to lay them out for you. When remodeling your bathroom on a very, very tight budget, it’s advisable to ditch these items on your renovation checklist and just opt for alternatives such as repainting the walls. However, if tile is really important for your property renovation, then try to buy in small quantities and limit them to the floor, which is a high impact area – as opposed to tiling even the walls and all that. If you know how to apply tiles properly, you’ll be able to save extra by not hiring a contractor.

Save On That Countertop!

It’s a growing trend to buy granite countertops for bathrooms nowadays, but, unfortunately, that fancy stuff isn’t cheap. To help you get the look for less, as my wife always says, here are 2 tips to follow when buying granite counter tops. First, don’t go for neutral colors! Counter tops with neutral colors like Tan, Brown, and Beige are popular that’s why they are more expensive. Try looking for a countertop with a different color for a more affordable alternative.

Second, buy the slab with imperfections! Granite slabs with very visible imperfections are sold at a much lower price. Granted, you may wonder why you’d want visible imperfections to begin with. Don’t worry! It’s not going to be a big problem if you buy a granite slab with a few kinks since the sink and faucet eat up a lot of space. So where the imperfection becomes a good place for where to place the sink and faucet. In an instant, the imperfection is gone like magic when you follow this trick! Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to put a dent on your savings. With a little creativity, you’ll be able to make your bathroom look and feel first class at a reasonable cost. Another perk for renovating the bathroom is that good looking modern bathrooms always add to the value of the property, which is something any homeowner would want!

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