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What Type of Paint Finishes Are Best for Your Walls?

If you are new to the world of paints, be assured that you will feel like a kid wandering in a store finding the one he wants. But color is not the only parameter while painting homes. Paint finishes are making the room look completely different on the matters of flat, sheen, and flat finishes in between. This addition of layering provides more options to choose from paints. Choosing the right types of paint finishes will leave your room looking classy and elegant. With a wide range of colors options to choose from, find out which paint finish suits the best for your rooms:

  • Eggshell Paint

Eggshell paint is quite famous between busy families as the surface is very easy to clean. Eggshell paint is where the shine starts to come in. It is not on the total glossier side but has an eye-catching luster. But there is only one downside to this paint finish that disturbs painters in Auckland. The finish starts to show cracks and imperfections over time. It is important to patch up walls before using this paint finish. Use the brush in the same direction to avoid creating lines when the paint dries.

  • Satin Paint

Satin Paint is well-liked by so many people as it gives a clean and velvety touch after applying. It appears as something good for framing elements like doorways, trim, and holdings. This finishing is durable adding it to be excellent choices for hallways and kitchens. The finish is easy to clean and peeling is smooth. Individual brush strokes might be seen at some point making it impossible to do touch painting.

  • Gloss Paint

The gloss paint finish is shiny and the reflective surface from the paint makes it an excellent choice for windows or furniture. If you want to bring out the glamorous side of your home, be bold in putting a coat or two on the walls for the added shine.

  • Matte Paint

Matte paint also known as flat paint is widely used for ceilings and interior walls. It is popular among many because it has no shine or offers very little shine. A matte finish goes well with any room. It is best at hiding cracks or other imperfections on the walls. It is perfect for old finish homes experiencing wear and tears over the years. The flatness of the finish makes it hard to wipe marks and fingerprints off the wall.

  • Semi-Gloss Paint

It is similar to Satin finish. The extra sheen makes light bounce off making the shade appear darker than normal. Semi-gloss finishes are for rooms that require frequent cleaning. The shine of semi glass paints can be used with individual elements in the rooms. 

These are some of the paint finishes for your homes. So, which one would you like for your home? Make a selection best suiting your place! 

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