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Luxurious Interior cuisine In German style

Luxurious interior in apartment

We close the same way for a kitchen, where we will be happy to spend time making it to the cooking area. Consider whether or not to integrate it with a living room, combining the most frequented rooms in a przestronne.W depending on the nature of what we want to give kuchennemu inside, we should focus on appropriate selection of furniture, furnishings and colors. Modern kitchens feature a simple form, strings of cabinets and a rather cool colors, and the main materials used are aluminum and glass. If you miss the atmosphere that prevailed in a warm and cozy kitchen grandmother, is our choice will fall on a rustic kitchen. The interior should be decorated in warm colors, with a predominance of wood. Exposing the family china cupboards is one of the most distinctive accents of the “rural chamber.” However, fans of classic interior look stylish kitchen furniture in dark wood, tall cupboards and cabinets with crystal glass. Here there is no place for loose plates deposited shelf.

An indispensable element is inside the kitchen oven that his style should complement the room. A wide range of gas appliances, electrical goods and the wood-fired – from the classic, lavishly decorated by modern forms of crude to the traditional tiled kitchen – makes it easy to match it to any stylu.W European countries increasingly encounter the custom install, next to a gas cooker , wood-burning appliances. The variety of ovens available, both in terms of usability, as well as color and shape, with the result that we do not have to worry about problems of style, which is maintained in the rest of pomieszczenia.Niemiecki producer, Max Blank, offers its customers a free-standing stoves, ovens. We use in this way the basic function of the device – Heating – without forgetting about the atmosphere, which creates in the kitchen wood-burning stove. Glazed hearth makes that we can fully enjoy the view of the burning logs in it, while taking advantage of them located above the oven.The classic lines of Odin (photo) with its characteristic nadlewami imitation rivets and dark exterior make it ideal to check the inside of traditional. Uniform gray soapstone on the side walls and top plate is a nod to fans of modern design, in which the predominant colors of cool furniture. This stove is so minimalist solution uniwersalnym.Elegancja in simplicity – just the easiest way to describe the style nowoczesny.Jednolite door furniture, steel-colored tops, futuristic or straight eaves brackets forming transverse lines are just some features of this kitchen. This does not mean that it must resemble a sterile laboratory. Light green on the walls and cabinets in the facade of pale wood imitating color offset the cold colors of tops and floors.

The interior is complemented by such proposed by Max Blank oven Atlanta (photo). Finish with brushed steel and perfectly arched facade find themselves in a modern setting. This style is limited to the minimum amount of loose trinkets littering the shelves. Even more wood should not be next to the furnace, so the bottom of the container is ejected in the kitchen polana.Zarówno gas, electric and solid fuel such, should complement the decor. Kitchens La Cornu (photo) is a universal solution that works both in the building, and as a free-standing. Stylish trim strips are part of the oven compartments and drawers refer to the long tradition. Rich in terms of colors and configurations offer makes a great kitchen La Cornu wkomponują not only in the interior of a classic but also modern. The façade and countertops in aluminum is a solution for people who do not mind the problem of maintaining cleanliness of metallic surfaces, depending on the avant-garde designIf we dream of a rustic kitchen, which takes us to “grandma’s chambers,” remembers from childhood, we should consider the use of the hotel La Nordica (photo). Suprema is a wood-fired cuisine, which – thanks to lines and profiled door facade – will be an excellent complement to the interior,

where the predominant family cupboards filled with ceramics, and in the corners to hang drying herbs and garlic braids. Glazed hearth and oven can not only enjoy the vision of the fire, but also gives us the opportunity to ensure that baking without opening drzwiczek.We styled interiors to rural can often see a kitchen and tiled stoves. For years, they constituted not only a source of heating their homes – for them cooked all the food and water podgrzewało. To this day, still enjoy some winter in the old stoves. Modern kitchens constructed of tile, which combine traditional style with contemporary utility, gaining more and more devotees mainly in German-speaking countries Europy.Każdy region has its own traditions and typical elements of each design. Lavish French cuisine varies from modest Scandinavian, and Italian from the German. Rustic cuisine is not always a tiled stove, stained cabinets with solid wood and Free standing cupboards. Chamber kitchen may well be clear and cool, painted door cabinets, and shelves free of plates and cups.

In the kitchen (photo) predominates sunlight coming ceiling, large window. The dominant colors are cream and sea scrolling not only on the walls and cabinets, but also on the floor. A string of small painted cupboard handles, decorated with wooden beams and the storeroom of firewood near the window add a homely interior, rural atmosphere. Counterweight to the backs of chairs are soaring and more subdued colors prevalent in the kitchen. Its cool colors and modest design refers to the style of the whole north, bringing to mind the cold Scandinavia. The interior is complemented with wood-fired kitchen, a British manufacturer AGA. The simple, raw form, no glazing and decorative elements is the total opposite of the presented solutions to date. The device is available in several colors, so there should be no problems with the location of it in any rustic kuchni.Wyspy This solution is ideal viewing for a large, open kitchens. Everything you need to prepare a dish, is placed in one of the most vested in the middle of the kitchen. Can take various shapes: rectangular, arched, circular. Their content is basically arbitrary and depends on our needs. Stove, countertop, cabinets and the sink is the most common “equipment.” But the island may be modest (next page) used to eat rather than cooking.

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