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Learning About the Top Bathroom Tile Trends in 2019


Before your bathroom re-modelling project commences, picking out tiles is not a simple task anymore. There’s so much shape, design, variety, texture and colour in such choices that it can be pretty overwhelming for most users out there. In the past, tiles were main laid out in the bathrooms for their functional benefits such as durability, resistance to moisture and low on maintenance. 

But, nowadays it’s all about aesthetics as well as function. This is the main reason why manufacturers such as bathroom tiling contractors Auckland services, have expanded their style for home consumers. With 2019 almost ending, the following are some of the best bathroom tile trends that you should be on the lookout in case you’re planning to give your bathroom a new life. 

The Top 2019 Tile Trends 

  • Tiles With Graphic Patterns

Tiles having graphic patterns are the perfect accent that you can possibly achieve in your bathroom. You can go for either bold contrasting colours or soft hues – which will not only capture your heart but also your guests’ and family members’ as well. The trend is currently number one on the list because this trend is going to stay for many years to come and will not easily fade away.

This type of style will give homeowners the ability to show off their creative side or even get a designer in case the homeowner feel the task is rather too complicated. Ceramic patterned tiles are currently the most popular ones out there while porcelain styles are slowly gathering popularity. 

  • Tiles With Matte Finishes

This is another type of style that was popular in 2018, is in 2019 and will be in the upcoming years as well. Such tiles mostly feature a powerful yet soft beauty-style which doesn’t get too overwhelming for the viewer. 

One of the major advantages of using matte tiles is that they will never show smudges and fingerprints. This makes them ideal to be used in bathrooms, especially the busy ones. With the help of the low sheen on the tiles, it’ll also be easier to maintain them on a regular basis too. Since, matte tiles don’t reflect light much, ensure that your bathroom has enough lighting equipment because it might look darker.

Matte tiles should be your go-to choice if you want something that has not only elegance but understated design. These tiles will provide your bathroom with an earthly styled look and feel. In case matte finish is not your cup of tea, you can go for the regular glossy tiles instead. 

  • Neutral Looking Tiles Including Whites

When going for contemporary designs, it should be remembered that such designs make great use of neutral colours such as creams, whites and greys. Bright looking colours such as yellow, red and blue will never have their place inside a bathroom. Homeowners nowadays are falling in love more with colours such a beige and grey. 

If you want a bathroom that needs more brightness than what it currently has, then white coloured tiles will be the perfect solution for your case. Such simple colours will enforce the relaxing atmosphere inside the bathroom. Since these colours are neutral, they allow your mind to stay calm by creating a sanctuary inside your bathroom. 

Such tiles can be used not only on the floors but also the ceilings of your bathroom as well. To ensure that the bathroom doesn’t become boring, colours in various neutral shades are used to bring everything together in a lovely and wonderful manner.

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