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Lakeside Collections Home Decor

You probably picture a lake life that involves long days at the water and family kayaking, as well as hot summer barbecues. The view is important, but it’s the decor that will make your lake house a peaceful and serene retreat. A lake house should be a place that you can make many memories and a relaxing retreat where you can rejuvenate and spend precious time with your loved ones.

We have some amazing ideas for lake house decor, no matter what your taste is.

Decorate with Paddles

You can add a touch of adventure to your lake house by decorating it with snowshoes and kayak paddles. The pea bodys interiors bedroom features a traditional headboard and vintage paddles to create an authentic, nautical feel that isn’t too formal.

Enjoy the View

Your lake house is only as good as the view. You should make the most of your view by adding seating where you can. You can imagine yourself reading a book while looking out at the natural world from this window seat by Prettystyle. It is easy to make your own window bench and add warmth to your lake house.

Focus on Indoor-Outdoor Living

This four-season room from thepinesonrestlake will make your lake house a welcoming place all year. You can create additional living spaces that are both indoor and outdoor, such as patios, porches, sunrooms, by focusing on the transitional spaces between indoor and outdoors, like porches, patios, and sunrooms. A screened in porch can be converted to an all-season space. This will allow you to keep the outdoor feeling even during winter.

You can try a nautical theme

A nautical theme is a good choice for any lake house, even though it’s not unusual. This elegant, modern entryway by margaretofyork features a navy-white palette which is perfect for your lakeside retreat. Navy is a great color for a lake house. It’s dark enough not to show dirt and grime after a long day at the beach, but it’s warm and inviting.

Pay Attention to the Small Details

Even if your taste isn’t for lake-themed decor, there are still ways to add some theme pieces to your home. This charming doorway by laker_lager_ has a themed welcome rug that matches perfectly with the modern porch decor.

Embrace Cabin Style

You have many options for themes to choose from when decorating your lake house. However, if you live in the woods, a cabin theme might be worth considering. This beautiful bedroom by monica and nikki has heavy wooden furniture and canoe-shaped wall art. It is inspired by a chalet.

Make an outdoor bar

This outdoor bar is the best way to enjoy the outdoors.

Additional beds for guests

This wonderful one cottage way guest bedroom was once an attic. It was then converted into additional living space. A great way to provide extra sleeping space is to furnish a bedroom with twins or a loft bed, especially if there are many children in the family.

Decorate Around Your View

You should spend the majority of your time decorating a room with stunning views like this one from Jubilee haven cottage. These rooms should be the center of your home, and the place where you spend most of your time. You can make your living space with a view, depending on the lifestyle of your family, a place for relaxation, conversation, and reading.

Make it dog-friendly

The lake is just as enjoyable for dogs as it is for you. You can rent your lake house to friends or family, but you must make it dog-friendly. This wonderful, playful lake house from the wonderful whim sicaloz is the perfect lake house inspiration for anyone who has four-legged friends in their family.

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