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Importance of Maintenance Inspections Before Winter

Minnesota has four seasons. There is spring cleaning season, road construction season, winter season and Hunker down season. It is important to prepare for winter season 3. A maintenance inspection is a great way to make sure your house and you are ready for winter. Professional home inspections Minnesota performs maintenance inspections on homeowners throughout Minnesota. Our experts will ensure your home is in top shape, so there won’t be any surprises on a cold February night. We’ll inspect everything that could impact your quality of life during these tough months. We will be honest and impartial in our assessment of your home’s ability for winter survival. If you feel your roof needs an upgrade, do not hesitate to have a roofing professional inspect it. They might be able to recommend a new roof. Ask an impartial expert to inspect your roof and determine if it needs a new roof. We want our customers to feel comfortable in their home after they have spent so much money.

All types of homes require maintenance inspections

Professional home inspection in Minneapolis, MN, offers maintenance inspections to all types of homes. We can inspect single and multi-family dwellings as well as mobile and condo-owned homes, townhomes, cabins, and tenant-owned apartments. We can inspect your roof, insulation and drainage systems, foundation, walls, windows and doors, as well as any other issues that may have an adverse effect on your winter living conditions. We believe that if you aren’t comfortable in your home, it’s not worth having. That’s why we offer assistance to people to make their homes more comfortable and to keep them there throughout the winter.

Maintenance inspections are important

Before winter, it is important to inspect your home. You could end up paying more for heating than you need if there are any air leaks in your insulation or windows. Don’t allow this to happen. If your house isn’t well sealed, you could be sharing it with other animals looking for warm places to stay through winter. A good cat will take care the mice. Squirrels and raccoons, however, are another matter. You should make sure your house is secure and you only allow guests to enter it this winter. Last but not least, your roof must be in good shape to withstand the snowfall every year. If your roof is in poor condition, something could happen in January. Depending on the severity, it may not be possible to fix until spring. Do not let this happen. Before the snow begins to fall, have your home checked for maintenance issues.

Professional Home Inspections MN provides maintenance inspections to homeowners throughout the Twin Cities metro. We want everyone to feel at home in their homes. We offer affordable inspections. Your home will be in great shape all winter. 


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