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Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations

It is finally starting to feel like Fall around these parts! On Tuesday, it was 92 degrees and Friday, it was 47 degrees. 75 deg is the highest temperature forecast for the week. It’s here, I believe! When I think about Fall and cooler temperatures, I want it to be decorating season! Today, I share 20 ideas for Halloween decor from Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree is my favorite place to shop (if you have looked at my blog, you will be not surprised). You can make Dollar Tree decor look expensive by altering items. You can also buy food from Dollar Tree, as well as the dishes you will use (see this post to learn how to set up a beautiful Dollar Tree table).


20 Ideas for Halloween Decorations from Dollar Tree

These links to Dollar Tree products have expired. They may still have the items once they get closer to the season. You should also be able find most items once Fall decor is in stock.

1. Trick or Treat Pumpkin Trio

The foam pumpkins from Dollar Tree are my favorite. They are ugly as they are, but you have so many options to dress them up! She used neon letters for this one. I don’t know if Dollar Tree sells neon letters. If you can’t find them, you might be able to get neon spray paint and paint the letters.

2. Bandana Pumpkins

You can also dress up your foam pumpkins with fabric or bandanas. Twine can be purchased at Dollar Tree. If you want to make the pumpkins look a bit more rustic, you can replace the stems by twigs.

3. DIY Skull Candle Holder

Although I don’t usually enjoy the more scary or creepier parts of Halloween, this candle holder is my favorite! My son was born just two days before Halloween. I hope that one day, he will be able to allow me to host a Halloween party for him. If I get the opportunity, this will be on my table! These skulls can be purchased at Dollar Tree.

4. Dollars DIY Skeleton Dish

This dish is my favorite! I bought many of the tiny candlestick from Dollar Tree. You can use them for many purposes! There is also the skeleton. A glass tealight holder is also required for the tutorial. Although I couldn’t find something exactly like hers, you could use a small plate.

5. Boneyard Lantern

This lantern is beautiful! I love how the lights shine through the eyes. Anything that lights up is my favorite! Michael’s provided the skulls. Although I couldn’t find something like it on the Dollar Tree website, there are many things in the store that aren’t on the website. To fill in the gaps between skulls, she also used skeleton necklaces. Although I couldn’t find any necklaces, I did find these skeleton garlands which would likely work just as well. The tealights can be purchased at Dollar Tree. The skeletons can be glued to a cylinder vase.

6. Plastic Pumpkin Bucket Planter

This is the most adorable idea I have ever seen! These plastic pumpkin buckets look so ugly but it makes them look expensive! Although I haven’t seen the pumpkin buckets at Dollar Tree, I believe they were $1 at Walmart.

7. DIY Recycled Tin Can Pumpkins



These cute pumpkins were made from recycled cans. You can get your canned food from Dollar Tree if you want it to be a Dollar Tree project.

8. Halloween Terrarium

This terrarium looks amazing! These terrariums can be made smaller using mason jars purchased at Dollar Tree or a larger canister from Hobby Lobby or Walmart. You can either use materials you have already got or pick them up at Walmart or Dollar Tree. This can be a lot fun!

9. Solar Skull and Roses Wreath

This is a great idea! The solar stake lights can be purchased at Dollar Tree. They also have other options if you don’t like the skulls.

10. Halloween Village

Villages have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. They are so cool, I don’t understand why. Although I couldn’t find any village pieces on the site, I did see them in the store. They already look creepy, so you can leave them as is or paint them like her.

11. Faux Iron Witch’s Cauldron

This is a great front porch decoration! The cauldron, Spanish moss and creepy cloth, Spanish moss, Spanish moss, Spanish moss, creepy fabric, pumpkin, skull and crow can all be purchased at Dollar Tree.

12. Alternate Halloween Books

I love to alter books. In the past, I’ve done one for Christmas and another for Easter. I now think I will need one for Halloween. Old books can be found at thrift shops and garage sales. You can also buy brand new books at Dollar Tree for just $1. Even thrift shops won’t sell used ones at this price! Dollar Tree also has small Halloween paraphernalia that you can purchase to put on the front of your books.

13. Crepe Paper Bat Garland

This is an easy way to decorate your mantle. The crepe newspaper can be purchased at Dollar Tree.

14. Halloween Felt Flower Frame

This simple decoration packs a big punch. The frame can be purchased at Dollar Tree. You might also be able get felt from Dollar Tree since they now carry fabric.

15. Teal Pumpkin Topiary

My Fall and Christmas decorations are always adorned with teal and turquoise. You can purchase the bucket and foam pumpkins from Dollar Tree for this project. You could use the posters letters or felt letters as well.

16. DIY Halloween Spell Book

Another version of an altered-book is this. You can find used books at thrift shops and garage sales, or you could buy new books at Dollar Tree. She will “age” them using her method.

17. Copper Pumpkins Fall Centerpiece

It’s amazing what you can do to those little pumpkin buckets! You can buy mini pumpkin buckets at Dollar Tree, but they are not available online. You can also find them at Target or Walmart. The flowers can also be purchased at Dollar Tree.

18. Skull Candlesticks


Another way to use those skulls? They were not shiny. You might find them in the store. You can also attach glitter to the outside. You can also use the candlesticks from Dollar Tree if you need shorter candles. You can often find taller ones at thrift shops. The tealights can also be purchased from Dollar Tree.

19. Dollar Store Pumpkin Topiary

This is my favorite! It is hard to believe that it was made from $1 items. The pumpkins as well as the Spanish Moss can be purchased from Dollar Tree. This little urn is so cute!

20. Skeleton Bath


This is adorable! You can find the clear ornaments, plastic bucket and paper cups at Dollar Tree. Polyfil is a must-have if you are like me!

That’s all! These ideas should inspire you to have some Fall and Halloween fun in your home!

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