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Cookoo Connected Watch – Steps Up With Activity Monitor

The pioneering brand — one of the world’s first analog, no-charge connected watches continues to innovate with the release of its activity feature Hong Kong, 22 January 2015 — CONNECTEDEVICE today announces the release of an activity feature for its COOKOO 2 connected watches. One of the first brands in wearable technology to seamlessly merge style and smarts, COOKOO takes another leap forward with the addition of an activity monitor that displays the step count directly on the watch face.

All COOKOO 2 watches are equipped with an internal accelerometer. Existing users will be prompted to initiate an over-the-air watch software update, a process which will activate the accelerometer. The addition of the Activity Monitor in the new release of the CONNECTED WATCH app will then enable the full activity experience.”

COOKOO provides the activity feature in a way that offers real advantages to the user,” says Henri- Nicolas OLIVIER, CEO of CONNECTEDEVICE. “The activity monitor continues with or without the phone in your hands, and it does not require a recharge. COOKOO maintains its long battery life, even with the addition of this great feature.”

With the Activity Monitor, COOKOO wearers can now:
Track their steps (with step count appearing on the watch face)
Track distance walked or run
Track total calories (including calories expended while resting)
Track activity level (rest, light activity, very active)
Receive inactivity reminders to remind them to move

COOKOO takes a holistic approach to monitoring overall activity levels, providing valuable insights into the user’s lifestyle. COOKOO divides time into three activity levels: very active, slightly active and at rest.

The user interface is NOT about improving performance, but instead helping consumers improve their life through incremental changes. Henri-Nicolas OLIVIER continues, “Through the app, the goal of the activity experience is to enable users to learn about their habits, and to use that learning to create meaningful change in their lives. The COOKOO activity monitor puts the step count in context — it’s not about obsessing over steps, but rather creating balance in your life.”

COOKOO 2 combines a cool, classic look of a conventional timepiece with the intuitive technology of a smart-enabled watch. When paired with the app, users can manage a wide range of smartphone functions directly on their wrist — call notifications, social media and message alerts (Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Skype), music control, camera activation and more. Now the activity monitor joins COOKOO’s compelling set of features.

Unlike other smartwatches, COOKOO never needs to be charged. The button-cell battery provides uninterrupted power for months without requiring an external charge. With the addition of the activity feature, COOKOO continues to offer the full benefit of long-life, no-recharge battery.

Water resistance up to 10 ATM allows COOKOO to follow active users, even in wet situations when the phone cannot be in their hands. The watch can be worn in the rain, at the beach and similar activities without worry.

COOKOO 2 offers users a choice of two collections to better match individual lifestyles and personal tastes. The Sporty Chic collection features a seductive, soft-touch silicone band. Urban Explorer boasts a robust, form-fitting nylon strap. Color options range from a timeless black to an opulent purple.

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