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Best Luxury Kitchen Inspiration

Minimalist creative kitchen in white

What do you think that is the most important rooms in the house? Bedroom where we can rest the bones and get the energy for another new day? Living room where entertainment during the evenings we gather friends and family? Or maybe your favorite reading corner? Well, I think that every room has an equal place in our lives, because each is designed to bring us warmth and joy. However, given that I’m the girl, the kitchen has a special place in my heart. Not only because I spend much time there, but because the place I consider her and can decorate it to my soul asks, because it is calm and cheerful atmosphere during a key ingredient in cooking a tasty meal, right? Again, I have very high standards for the kitchen of your dreams

Open shelves. I think it’s very airy and modern have open shelves in the kitchen. Of course it can be challenging to maintain that space perfectly organized (sometimes we all like to hide things in the kitchen cupboard, is not it?), But the feeling of kitchen jars placed next to each other on the shelf above the oven is perhaps the most comfortable thing. Large windows with plenty of day light. Nobody likes a kitchen that almost do not see day light! Not to mention how much you will be more creative if mild sun and shadows dancing all day in your kitchen – the energy gain is guaranteed! A good idea is that the working part of your kitchen looking out the window at the beautiful garden – cooking will become a orite is the kitchen which is decorated in white (remember my love of white above). White is a neutral color that can be paired with all other colors, making a subtle and contemporary picture. White will also make your kitchen looks brighter, and even higher. To get the effect of larger venues, do not be afraid to put a mirror in the kitchen. I know this is unusual, but all strive to have our fantastic cuisine like no other! Tip: Do not place a mirror above the oven (do not want to spend days cleaning it), but instead find a place, for example, on the wall opposite the cooking section.

Colorful details. Although the kitchen of my dreams has a lot of white, I would like to see here and there accent color to break up a bit sterile look. Several colorful vases, dishes and interesting shade of the lamp will easily be achieved. The natural color palette. If you do not want your kitchen is white, natural range is the right choice in decoration: black, brown or green will make it a peaceful, orderly, and traditional hot prostorom.Ma far as I could write about the kitchens up to you to your to your dekorišeš way. Maybe you like country dishes, a French-style kitchen or contemporary, and industrial kitchens, but no matter, should be designed according to your style and taste. The above ideas are there to give you a little inspiration and you should not look at them as a guide. What is the kitchen of your dreams? Is there something in common with my own?For many people, this place inspires the dream meal. Of course, we immediately imagine two chairs beside a pool, but there is much more than that! I think a rest and play in a pretty gazebo or even on a balcony. A corner that isolates us, out of sight of neighbors. This peaceful place can also be designed around a spa, a waterfall or a pond of water. The sound of the calm water for relaxation If your pleasure is cooking, entertaining and eating out, then the dining room and outdoor kitchen are for you. Strong trend now, the pleasure of eating out has gone to extremes: from the kitchen fully equipped with mini fridge and sink to the bar.

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