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Best ideas For Luxury Window Treatment

Window with shutters

With the advent of new technologies for production of window frames, traditional and pervonachalnyaa function curtains, as protection from drafts, it becomes increasingly irrelevant. Blinds are now used as the main decorative element interra.No despite the almost hermetically sealed frames, seasonal trends still suschetvuet: spring is better bought up bright and light cotton and linen fabrics, and in winter demand Chenille, Mohair and thick silk. Dictated this rather than the desire to keep the house warm,and the desire to keep harmony between the situation at home and the weather over its windows – when the storm swept through the window “warming” thick curtains window looks more logical.

With regard to drawing and coloring, there is the beginning of a new century seen a definite trend the cell and is dominated by strip, while floral motifs, preferred in many styles of interior, are still popular. The main reasons are varied and combined, if earlier often combine figures with self-colored materials, this is no longer necessary. For example, a topical compound stripes with flowers, and it is desirable that the strip is wide and large flowers. For upholstered furniture and pillows in such a case, too, is invited to plant or “striped” motives of the same tone, but the larger picture.Or here is another paradox in terms of past trends option, but a logical in our cold climate and poor sun: double thick curtains of different drawing a maroon and yellow scales. The central part of the “composition” rises to the rope stuck, as the Marquis, drawing its’ landscape and vegetation, and the side part – a major kletku.Voobsche maroon-purple range is popular enough now, and includes shades of red mixed with cold blue to warm crimson tones. Look such coloring is very impressive, no wonder the Romans believed all the purple color tones of wealth and nobility – these connoisseurs of luxury understood in the eye for it.

Notice how beautiful shade of color of ripe raspberries with a golden floral pattern. Structurally, it has been implemented in the form of cloth slung over the cornice, and the edge is trimmed with small brushes in the tone of the picture. This curtain will be a real interior decoration in the Baroque style with a road carved wooden furniture.Almost in the same style and color scheme is executed and another set of thick curtains. They also decorated with tassels, which are attached to the side sticking. The set is also used transparent fabric with embroidery companion to complement the color and pattern thick curtains. Fabrics, components set, taken from the same collection and in harmony with each other. It is very important if you decide to pick up drapes to the interior of your home, since the problem is the selection of fabrics to become simpler, and excellent results using tissue-partners will be provided.Fabrics for curtains made to pick on risunuk and coloring to color the walls, upholstery, color, bedspreads and even (for the connoisseurs) to the figure of bed linen.

But there is an inviolable rule: in harmony among themselves must be primarily large objects in the room. One such large objects is a carpet that area often exceeds the visible surface of the walls. Therefore, choose curtains, if you have carpet, it should be a pattern and colors of carpet (or vice versa, if you initially bought the curtains, the carpet should be selected by them). This is not always easy: it should be to blend not only tones and pictures, as well as style and texture.But harmony does not mean agreement, but now the more popular full mixing patterns. True overall interior color scheme is observed, making the basis of harmony. Example – situation at the next photo, which combines floral motifs upholstery, geometric pattern carpet and large cell tissue curtains. Now this “mixture” is not only permissible, but also relevant. It is worth mentioning only the general dominant muted red tone in the atmosphere, which blends perfectly with different shades of belogo.V fashion back English country style with a variety of cell in the windows, but now mounting such curtains can be quite varied.

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