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A Guide on 2020 Bathroom Trends That Are Here to Stay

2020 is going to be an incredible year for the home decor industry. We are astonished by the trends that are launched every year. However, there is something unique and eye-catching stored for 2020 that will leave you in awe of the decor schemes this year.

So, without much further ado, we bring you a list of heart-warming and stylish bathroom renovation ideas that will strike a chord with every house owner. Shall we? 

Natural is the Hype

Natural elements add a warm touch to the decor. Since we are all out of sync with the environment, bring it back with a few aspects of Mother Earth. Potted plants are gaining quite a popularity in the market. Make the best use of them by installing Echeveria and other succulents to create a decor scheme during bathroom renovations in Auckland that is close to nature.

Solid Colours to the Rescue

Solid colours are in trend this year. Combinations like black and grey, blue and white and golden and white are becoming the top favourites for washrooms. For single solid shades, black, maroon, navy blue and green is taking the cake. 

Also, let the tiles take over as they add a 3D effect with subtlety. You will surely find an attractive tiling option in the market based on your decor theme.

Comfort is Everything 

From fashion to decor, comfort is taking the steering wheel this year. Soothing colours and few attractions are all that the designers are talking about. The toilet seats, basin and even the showers are being replaced with comfortable and simple options. Whether you have a small or bigger space, opt for open showers and vintage-styled cabinets for a unique look.

Out-of-the-box is the Thinking Pattern

Extraordinary is the theme for the year, which is quite evident in the trends as well. Single designer elements are enjoying the hype. From the bathtub to an aesthetic wall, instead of going overboard with uniqueness, focus on a single part and make it stand out. You can also use tile and pipes to create never before seen patterns and pieces.

Make a Statement

2020 is all about making a statement, and for that, you must widen your horizons. Gold-plated faucets, vintage basins and designer toilet seats are making heads turn, and so is the cabinet decor and accents of contrasting paint and wallpaper. 

Acing Technology

We are surrounded by technology, and so several inventions can be incorporated in your bathroom renovations in Auckland too. Featured light fixtures not only look trendy, but they also add a touch of glamour and charm to the decor. Then there are shower regulators which allow you to change the water pressure, temperature and style of flow with a simple click. Don’t forget the advanced toilet seats which are fully remote-operated. 

This is not the end list. This guide will help you step foot into the future by incorporating such trends in your bathroom decor while there are dozens of others waiting to be unveiled. Bookmark this guide so when you begin your remodelling after COVID-19, you don’t miss out on such essentials. 

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