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What’s a Better Choice for Kitchen Cabinets? Maple or Oak?

Updating your kitchen cabinets can be a time-consuming, detail-oriented process. From colors and materials to vendors and installers, the entire process can feel both tedious and confusing!

As residents of Orlando, Florida, purchasing durable kitchen cabinets designed to last in this unique climate is essential. That’s why it’s important to completely understand the difference in materials before making a purchase. Both maple and oak are the most common types of kitchen cabinets available. Both are durable woods with great qualities, yet there’s details you need to be aware of.

I-4 Kitchen & Bath’s quick kitchen cabinets guide can help you understand the basic pros and cons when deciding between maple or oak kitchen cabinets for your renovation.

Maple Cabinets: The Simple, Yet Classic Choice

Maple wood has a classic, understated beauty. Its grain is consistent and uniform in appearance, and allows for the wood to be sanded for a smooth finish – should you opt for a more refined look. Maple kitchen cabinets would fit well in any rustic, modern interiors.

Orlando, Florida homeowners would also love maple kitchen cabinets due to their durability in climates with fluctuating humidity. The wood will remain hardy even in tropical locations.

In addition, maple is also one of the hardest woods available for kitchen cabinets, making them difficult to dent or chip during a move or busy dinner party. They’re also priced moderately; cheaper than cherry, walnut or oak but more pricey than hickory, alder, and birch.

When considering Maple kitchen cabinets there are some drawbacks to consider. This type of wood can stain easily, and dark stains can turn into easily visible blotches on the wood.
In some cases, maple has been shown to age poorly when exposed to consistent, direct sunlight. The yellow undertones of the wood can begin to look worn and tired. If kept within direct sunlight for long hours, maple won’t thrive for long in an open and sunny Orlando kitchen layout.

Oak Cabinets: Warm, Traditional, and Minimalistic

Oak kitchen cabinets give off a naturally warm, earthy color. Most models are constructed from red or white oak, with red oak being the most common style. Its visible grain pattern makes it perfect for nearly any kitchen decor, since its naturally neutral, timeless design, and coloring matches almost any kitchen theme. Also, it’s moderately priced, though usually more expensive than maple wood.

Oak, like maple, are among the most durable of woods for kitchen cabinets, easily staving off scratches, blemishes, and rot in humid environments, making it an especially great fit for an Orlando home.

There are also some drawbacks to choosing oak as well. Kitchen cabinets constructed from this wood type are very heavy. Since the wood is naturally resistant and dense, it weighs more than most hardwoods. This can make installing the cabinets a bit more difficult.

In addition, sometimes oak trees develop mineral deposits as they grow, resulting in streaks of yellow and brown in the wood. Some people prefer this look on their cabinets, but others don’t find the appearance of streaks attractive. Oak also has a porous surface, so while it can be stained different colors with ease to match the look you’re intending, well, the grain will eventually darken and present a more streaky appearance.

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The most important decision when installing kitchen cabinets is choosing the right company to work with. The team at I-4 Kitchen & Bath are ready to assist Orlando, Florida property owners in finding the right cabinets to create that stunning look you’ve been searching for.

If you have a new construction or are renovating an existing space, rely on a partner experienced in helping customers make the right decisions – with courteous and knowledgeable service. Contact I-4 Kitchen & Bath today or visit them online to take the next step in your journey!

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