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Stunning Luxury Loft and Attic Conversion Ideas

Wooden office in the attic

Relatively new space located under the roof of the house, called the all too familiar with the word “loft”. Once there is an associative series: Mountain rubbish that “someday might be useful”, stale air, dust …. In general, not very pleasant picture.But times change, and now the same premise called on the French-style “loft”.And immediately disappear unnecessary things and dust, but my head is there inviting smell of coffee and pastries and simple, uplifting melody. Let us in this article try to figure out what to do from the trite and convenient funktsionalnoemansardnoe loft space?

Personally I have with this complex issue faced several years ago, when engaged in furnishing a country house. All rooms have already been put in order, but the small area under the roof, in fact, acted as a warehouse, where if you wish you could find everything from broken-off leg of the old chair, ending the old floor lamp with a faded shade, which did not once enjoy hateful mol. Collectively it was decided to discard all unnecessary, and implement a long-standing dream of his mother’s bright and cozy loft. After reviewing a huge number of magazines, I realized that this is not as easy as it seemed, because there are certain nuances that must be followed to obtain at the output of the attic, made all the rules of design. And now I’m ready to share with you lessons learned.

You should start with an idea: to determine for itself what kind of functional load will bear the future attic room. This may be a recreation room, bedroom, nursery, or perhaps the office. It all depends on your zhelaniya.Ostanovlyus little detail on the most popular variantah.Razmeschenie private office in the attic – a great idea, because a secluded place and is impossible to think. Certainly be placed in a large attic room of a businessman would be problematic, but the people of creative professions: artists, writers, etc. who wish to hide from everyone and the maximum concentration at work, a project with the cabinet under the roof fits perfectly, because the inspiration saturated even in the attic air.If you decide ispolzoat attic room, it is necessary to note that you will encounter as a definite plus, and with some disadvantages of this idea. Of course, children’s, located in the attic, will have advantages over any other child’s room plenty of light and space that is so important for our children. Also, there are no limits for your child’s boundless imagination, because with a little help from parents to children’s room in the attic can be turned into a den of pirates or a fairytale castle for the little princess. Advantageous beating many secluded places attic and support beams, you can achieve amazing results. Yet we should not forget that the attic floor is right for you as a child’s room just in case your kids have already grown up, and with the precondition that the staircase leading to the attic, will be as safe as possible: the flat with steady steps and continuous handrailst.

It is impossible to imagine a more romantic bedrooms, than that available under the roof! What could be finer than to admire the starry sky, meet the dawn and escort sunsets, lying on a comfortable bed in a dry and warm room? The bedroom, located in the attic, miraculously allows us to implement all of these desires. Attic space and privacy at this time is to our advantage, that’s why your bedroom will become a true love nest. We should also note that, thanks to fresh air and a pleasant atmosphere attic floor will give you a really good sleep is very important in modern life. Agree, infinitely pleasant to wake up from the heat of Sunbeam on your cheek – it will charge you vigor, energy and excellent mood for the whole next day!Design of the attic, as well as the functional purpose, depends on your tastes, but still want to say that is preferable to stay in a warm, cozy decor options. As a rule, attic room is made in a Romantic style, and country. Let me remind readers that “rustic” style is characterized by wood and brick in the finishing, an abundance of decorative details, such as all kinds of pillows, curtains, tablecloths, mats and napkins. That is why the use of textiles played a leading role in creating comfort in the spirit of country music in the room. In colors of furniture and decor are leading floral motifs, bright bar and the Scottish block.

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