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Steel Wheels Vs Alloy Wheels: Which Is The Better Option?

For some car owners out there, wheels are all about its style & aesthetics. For some others, it’s about usability. In the modern-day & age, two of the most common wheel types that are used are – alloy wheels and steel wheels.

Each of the wheel types has its pros & cons – from maintenance to reliability & aesthetics. So, it all comes down to your inclinations for the same, which is why we’re going to help you choose the same for you – in collaboration with alloy wheel refurbishment in Essex services. 

What Do You Mean By Alloy Wheel?

An alloy is characterised as a mixture of different kinds of metals, which are then used to combine their essential properties. Some of the properties include malleability, rigidity and hardness. When it comes to an alloy wheel, it’s generally made out of a mixture of aluminium and/or magnesium. 

In modern-day cars, alloy wheels make up a crucial part of the features of a vehicle and therefore can either make or break a deal when buying a new car. It should be realised that alloy wheels do tend to cost a bit more than usual, but they also contribute a ton of benefits for the common man. The benefits are as follows:

  • Looks: Alloy wheels have stunning aesthetics and is therefore considered to be one of the many luxurious features of a car. You can find alloy wheels as a feature in mid to high-end car variants and are marketed as ‘laser-edged’ or diamond-cut’ wheels.
  • Weight: Since alloy wheels are made up of a complex manufacturing process, they help in a weight reduction of the car, improving the mileage, acceleration and braking. Alloy wheels also help in prolonging the tyre life by helping in dissipating heat faster than standard steel wheels.
  • Performance: Since alloy wheels are lightweight, they help in transmitting less weight to the coil springs, offering better traction & grip. Cornering and steering abilities are improved too. 

What Do You Mean By Steel Wheels?

The name is pretty much self-explanatory as these wheels are made-up of steel. Steel as a material has been in the automobile manufacturing industry for quite some time now and has been tested for longevity and toughness.  Steel wheels are said to be a much more cost-effective procedure than alloy wheels. 

The following are the benefits of steel wheels:

  • Durability: Steel wheels are reported to be slightly stronger than alloy wheels, which is why they are used in the most rugged SUVs and vehicles out there.
  • Price: Steel wheels are much cheaper to manufacture than aluminium ones, as the cost involved is 70-80 per cent less than alloy wheels.

Repairability: Steel wheels are easier to hammer the bent portion into its earlier shape. It has greater malleability than alloy.

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