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How to Wipe Your Personal Data From Your Car’s Dashboard Before Scraping It? Know From the Experts


From your frequently visited destinations to your favourite contacts – modern cars make staying connected with your loved ones and finding your desired travelling route, quick and easy. But, it needs to be remembered that with all this added convenience, there also comes risk and that is of data security. 

Your car might store your personal information for you to use at all times. But, when you try to sell your car for scraps with the help of scrap cars in Auckland services and the ownership of your car changes hands, you should take the first initiative of removing all your personal data from your car’s systems. Just like on your mobile phone or computer, the data stored in the system of the car can easily be wiped – thereby protecting your privacy from strangers. 

The following is an essential handy list that will help you remove your personal data from the car system when you plan to sell it.

The Handy List Of Things To Be Considered When Planning To Wipe Your Car’s Personal Data

  • Doing Factory Reset

The quickest method in removing your data from your vehicle would be to use a feature known as ‘Factory Reset’. This option will wipe out all the stored data, settings and information, which is kept inside the car system. This option will bring back the car system to its original form, i.e. the form in which the car had left the manufacturing factories. The car’s manual should be able to tell you the method to perform the procedure.

In case you have lost the car manual or don’t have it with you, you just need to do a quick Google search with your car’s make and model and you’ll get the details in no time. 

  • Removing Bluetooth Connections

It’s indeed essential that you remove any data which has connections to your mobile phone or any other electronic devices before you sell your vehicle. This is to be done so that your data doesn’t start communicating between the devices once your devices are within each other’s range. For instance, most car owners use their Android smartphone or iOS devices in correlation with Apple Carplay or Android Auto. 

To do this step, you need to hover to the connection settings of your car’s infotainment system and then delete the stored or saved connections.

  • Deleting Saved Contacts

In modern cars of today, your contacts will be stored in the car’s hard drive for easy access – especially when using hands-free calling and even reading out voice-activated text messages.

To remove your saved contacts, you need to navigate to the phone book or contacts section of your car’s infotainment system. Then you can proceed to delete every listed contact. Ensure that while you’re performing this procedure, your mobile phone is not connected to your car via Bluetooth – otherwise, you’ll run the risk of your contacts getting re-uploaded to the car’s interface again. 

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