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How To Make Your Bathroom Look Much Sleeker And Modern?


In the modern age, the bathroom continues to be the top place for any renovation priorities for most homeowners out there. Nowadays, people are more inclined towards modern and sleek designs which will add much-needed value to their beautiful homes. 

Apart from improving the aesthetic appeal, these designs also help in transforming small-sized bathrooms into something more spacious for the concerned family members. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the multitude of ways through which you can make your bathroom more modern and sleeker, with the help of various tile shops in Wellington, such as Tiling.co.nz 

Methods To Make Your Bathroom Look More Modern, Bigger And Sleeker
  1. Using Floating Vanities

There’s no denying that most homeowners would like to increase their floor space inside their bathrooms or at least try to create an illusion of space – and there’s no better way to do that than opting for floating vanities. 

Under or beneath the vanity cabinets, the open space can allow more light to travel throughout the room. It will help in visually extending the overall flooring space and thereby create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Such a move also makes cleaning your bathroom a whole lot easier as well, as the open space will not leave much surface area for dirt and dust to hide.

Apart from being a spacious illusion, floating vanities also make your bathroom look sleeker and less bulky. Your bathroom will feel much more streamlined and therefore is must if you’re after an ultra-modern bathroom.

  1. Using A Mix Of Open And Closed Compartments

If you’re on the look-out to create more visual interest in your bathroom, you need to try out a mixture of closed and open compartments for storing your bathroom essentials

These compartments will not only be able to show off your bathroom accessories but also provide easier access to them as well.

  1. Keeping The Design Simple And Minimal

If you want minimalism, then you need to simplify your designs as much as you can. You can easily opt for a wall-hang or even skip any extra features altogether. 

In case you want your bathroom to remodel to feel great and achieve a spa-like feel, then opting for a walk-in shower would be the best idea. These walk-in showers are considered to be highly stylish while still being surprisingly affordable. Moreover, they save floor space which would then be used to obtain a minimalistic and clean look – which you cannot achieve with other showers. 

Needless to say, by using a walk-in shower, you’ll be able to add value not only to your bathroom but to your home as well. 

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