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Luxury Modular Kitchen Designs

Gas stove in luxury kitchen

Cuisine from an array of one of the most important rooms in the house, where we spend a lot of time in the kitchen so everything must be beautiful, comfortable and efficient manner. Make it so help you choose the style – from classic to modern. However, the avant-garde kind of cuisine, the greater her chances of quickly go out of fashion and even bored. But this usually never happens with classical cuisine from solid wood. After all, modern wood kitchen from an array – an exquisite combination of classic elegance with extensive modern kitchen, where everything is functional and most suitable for easy cooking in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for not only cooking, but also aesthetic pleasure.

Kitchen No less beautiful, and the kitchen of beech, the same solid and durable, but is susceptible to good handling and toning in any color, fine texture with a characteristic pale pink color. Due to the homogeneous structure of wood kitchen beech bring to the kitchen interior calm, warm and soft light. If desired, beech wood can be subjected to special heat treatment, the leveling of its color and shift it towards more red tones (so-called smoky oak).Kitchen oak – a symbol of reliability and stability, which may clear the line without depletion of design. Application of advanced technologies coupled with a tradition gives high quality soundly and very strong oak – a prestigious and durable material with excellent performance. Ambiguity color oak wood (from light yellow-pink and greenish-gray to reddish-brown), allows you to choose the color of the kitchen from oak by individual interior. In any case, they will have a beautiful texture with the evolved pattern of fibers. Over time, the oak a little darker, which gives the shade of noble antiquity for a long time in service, but well-kept from the kitchen.
The kitchen The most classic models include cuisine from an array as a whole, including the shelves, made of wood. To preserve the stylistic technique can be integrated into separate tables representing the styling of the old chest of drawers and cabinets.

If the classical model of cuisine from an array typical of a large number of cabinets, shelves, doors and an abundance of decorative elements, proportionality, noble lines, coupled with an impressive and imposing, then at the other extreme – a cozy kitchen, solid wood country style, with their simple, sentimental, shape or “modern kitchen” – a simplified lines and shapes, functionality, and the almost complete lack of jewelry, as well as technological refinements in the finishing and fastening materials. In the foreground is not the beauty of furniture, and usability of it.Perfect combination of turns, weave in the kitchen only natural materials – wood, stone and metal. Oak and wild cherry, light and color sandstone, polished and crushed marble and granite, bronze, copper and brass – in the design of kitchen furniture.

Kitchen Be Arts The entire kitchen area is divided into the work area, dining room and the passage area. The working area is designed for cooking. Cooking is a kind of process, which consists of the following basic operations: storage products, training products, cleaning products, preparation of meals; cooking dishes that require heat treatment, distribution of ready meals, washing dishes, cleaning kitchen waste. The whole cooking process takes place at three levels. The first level – it’s working surface, which includes tables, counter tops, cabinets, cabinet under the sink and stove. On the work surface there is a process of cooking in all its stages. And it does not happen in one place, and moved from storage products across the table to prepare, place of washing and preparing food place to the plate. Work surfaces of kitchen equipment must be one continuous line of work, allowing no interference to perform all the kitchen work. Stove and sink integrated into the working line. In this case, their upper plane should be level with the table surface, cupboards. If the size and layout of the kitchen does not allow you to arrange a continuous line, the breaks should be done in areas where it ends this or that operation of cooking. When the cooking equipment is located, taking into account the sequence of the above operations, it not only helps to rationally organize the cooking process, but also to preserve the energy and time mistress. All items needed during the kitchen work, are in various cabinets and on shelves above or below the work surface.

Interior design kitchens u-shape layout is advantageous in the kitchen with a window in the longitudinal wall. It is the most convenient, because the equipment is installed along three walls of free food. In areas with a large area, such planning allows you to use the kitchen as a dining room. Thanks to the economical use of floor space, this planning paid off not only large but also in the small kitchen area of 5.6 sq. m. U-shape layout provides the location of equipment in a continuous line, regardless of room size, and allows an economical use of not only the kitchen area, but also the angular elements of furniture and equipment.kitchen Proper use of lighting plays an important role in any zoning area. If the dining area is located near the window, in addition to natural light by day, at night it can be selected using built-in ledge spotlights, or using decorative wall lights. Very interesting option is the use of ceiling lamp with adjustable height suspension is not the center of the kitchen and right above the dining table. Working area can be identified by bright light of fluorescent lamps, built-in furniture and placed above a sink or table-cabinet to prepare food. Lighting panels, usually by means of extraction, which has its own illumination. Also, to share kitchen space, you can use this design method, as multi-level ceilings. The kitchen will look very stylish and impressive, but in this case it is better
take the help of a professional designer.

Fairly common trick zoning kitchen space is to use in different zones of various finishing materials. For example, the work area should be lined with ceramic tiles. It’s practical, convenient, and choice of tiles today is huge. Tile as a cold material is very suitable working area. A dining area can paste over the warm material – washable wallpaper. Desktop will create a cozy atmosphere in the recreation area. When zoning with materials you can use the most unexpected combinations, the main thing that they seamlessly fit into the overall design of your kitchen.Furniture and Interiors Another fairly common trick is zoning with different floor coverings. Here, too, it all depends on your taste and fantasy. You can combine the same coverage, but differs in several areas of shade or pattern, but you can experiment by combining different materials.When zoning the kitchen you can use all possible options that will not only help to divide the space into zones, but also stressing will decorate the interior. This may be of different types of walls, bars (when planning a kitchen-island), the use of various aspects of kitchen furniture, colors, and unusual variants dressing rooms (from domestic plants to the aquarium).

Designer Kitchen Furniture Modern kitchen must be equipped with the necessary set of furniture and household appliances to create the most comfortable environment during food preparation, as well as its reception. The main feature of today’s kitchen – is its modularity, which allows you to combine elements of furniture with a large household appliances, creating a large number of different combinations of furniture, as well as freely placed in any kitchen. Choose furniture that will fit into the interior of the kitchen is easy, provided that you determine in advance which option plan will be the most optimal and comfortable in your kitchen. If you do not like furniture sets of mass production, you can order individual furniture that will be made taking into account all your wishes and features cuisine.

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