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How to Remodel Your Bathroom and Kitchen Like a Pro?


The kitchen and bathroom are two such spaces in the house, which suffice entirely different purposes, but if properly maintained, it can enhance the value of your property to a great extent.

Many homeowners realize the role of a kitchen, but they often miss out on the bathroom! When experts are asked, they say that bathrooms may not directly influence a buyer’s decision, but can surely act as a catalyst in their buying decision. 

So, before you list your property for sale, hire a company that has experience of kitchen and bathroom renovations in Sydney and discuss with them different ways in which you can remodel your home to enhance its value.

Remodeling your bathroom

Studies say that if you can tackle your bathroom remodeling properly, you will recoup half of the cost you have put into the project.

To value add to your property, you need not make hefty investments, but you need to make smart investments. To start with, update the worn-out items, modernize bathroom fixtures, and make the space more functional.

The other top two bathroom remodeling projects:


Replacing the flooring is generally a great idea to give your bathroom a new overall experience and appearance. Inexpensive porcelain or ceramic style floors, when engineered by experts, can look like classic wood or stone. And they are waterproof and can bear any level of moisture.

Bathtub and shower

If your bathroom is spacious, then a soaking tub does add value. But, if you have a whirlpool jet bathtub, it’s better to break it and make a shower space. Rain showers that are soothing are very much in the trend!

In case your house has only one bathroom, try to make space for another one – you can reap 100 percent of the cost incurred on it.  

Remodeling your kitchen

To most homeowners, a kitchen is the heart of the home.  So, experts believe that you can expect to recover 60%-120% of the investment you make on a kitchen remodeling. But, do not go overboard with it! 

Like the bathroom, when renovating your kitchen, make sure to repair all worn-out cabinets, shelves, and appliances. 

The other top two kitchen remodeling projects:


A coat of fresh paint, and contemporary colors, can make a lot of difference in updating the look of your kitchen. Furthermore, it’s one of the most economical options.

You can also consider low-VOC paint that makes the kitchen eco-friendlier and prevents your family from breathing in hazardous chemicals.

Energy-efficient appliances

Replace the old and unwanted appliances with energy-efficient and new models. The modern devices are manufactured, keeping in mind the betterment of the environment, and they also use less energy. So, though you may not reap the benefits directly, your potential buyers will surely pay you more for these small upgrades.

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