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How To Get Rid Of Your Old Car (profitably)

You have an old, unwanted car that you want to dispose of but maybe you don’t realize that it’s probably worth more than you think it is. Whether it’s an old piece of junk that’s taking too much space or a working car that’s in decent shape, there are several ways to go about it –  

  • If your car is in working condition, you can consider selling outright to auto retailers in exchange for cash. However, you should remember that you’ll be offered less money than the fair market value of the vehicle. 
  • Tidy up the car, get any necessary repairs, and spruce it up in any way that you can in order to raise its value. Your service records can prove beneficial for convincing any potential buyers that the car has been maintained well. Don’t forget to list any modifications or upgrades you may have had previously like a new sound system, some new theft device, or maybe the new tires you added recently. Provide the relevant paperwork for those additions. 
  • Be transparent in your advertisement and be upfront with any defects or needed repairs to build trust and credibility with your buyers. Capture your car from all angles and both the interior and the exterior to give any potential buyer the full view of the condition of the car. Use social media platforms and craigslist to attract buyers. 
  • Consider trading in your old car if you’re buying a new car. You’ll reduce the price of the new (or used) car you’re buying and be spared the headache of selling it yourself.  
  • Use an online platform to sell your unwanted car. They are several websites for this purpose and the procedure is pretty straightforward. 
  • Or you could directly sell your car at Cash For Unwanted Cars Adelaide.
  • If you know your way around the car and are handy with a wrench and other tools, you can dismantle the thing yourself and can sell the key parts independently for decent money. Often valuable parts can even be bought by hobbyists, collectors, or some car enthusiasts for a good price. 
  • If you’ve already removed the sellable components, the stripped off leftovers could be sold for scrap metal to the local salvage yard.
  • If you’re up to it, flipping your car is always an option. Even little changes involving a new paint job and seat covers with a bit of tidying up can increase its value and make it more attractive to buyers. 

The car you’re now planning to sell was probably once a prized possession of yours.

And although it’s not profitable in a monetary sense, there’s always the option to donate your car to some non-profit organizations.

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