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Essential Points to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Dining Set for Your Home

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to buy a dining table and chairs for the first time or wanting to upgrade from your old one – the number of choices will make your purchase a daunting task. The current market is filled with many options to choose from which makes it all the more difficult to not get confused and pick the one that suits you better. 

Since your kitchen or dining room will be used generally as a gathering spot for your friends and family members, you need to ensure that the dining table and chairs you choose fit well with your current lifestyle. The following are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing dining tables and chairs, with the help of the dining table and chairs Auckland services.

Choosing Your Dining Table

  • Choose A Bigger Table Than What Is Required

Most homeowners don’t realise this but a small-sized dining table will lead to cramped space and an uncomfortable feeling while eating your food. You’ll need a table that is a bit larger than what you had originally hoped for. However, the table should not too large or too small for your requirements. 

For instance, if you have three members in your family, you need to choose a table that fits four people. In that way, you’ll have extended space but at the same time not too much of it that it looks awkward.

  • Keep At Least Three Feet Of Clearance On All Sides

In case you’re trying to cram your table which is too big for a certain area or space, it will look cluttered and overwhelming. The measurement that you need to remember here is to keep at least three feet of clearance on all sides of the table. This extra space will come in handy when you and your family members will be getting up from their chairs or while sitting down at the table. 

  • Opt For A Glass Table If You Have A Dark Apartment

Not every house or apartment will have an abundance of light and air spreading through all of its directions. This is where a glass table will suit your purpose because it can easily lighten up space in your dining room. Even though a glass table will require enhanced maintenance when compared to wooden ones when ti comes to cleaning smudges – a little use of a cleaning agent will be enough for the same. 

It’s recommended that you keep a simple-looking centrepiece on the table and then pair the same with beautiful looking chairs. 

Choosing Your Chairs

  • The Material

Buying a dining table means you also need to pick the right kind of chairs with it as well, for the perfect furniture combination. You can choose between regular chairs or upholstered chairs – the former being the de-facto choice for most homeowners, while the latter is perfect if you want an improved comfortability at your dining table. 

When it comes to upholstered chairs, they come stitched with leather and performance fabric – keeping you not only cosy but also reducing any worry of stains or spills. Such chairs also provide angled backs and contoured seating mechanism for better seating posture.

  • The Width

When choosing a chair, always keep in mind the distance between the legs of your dining table. As a rule of thumb, keep at least six inches of space between the table legs and the nearby chair. 

If you’re not worried about space, then you can easily fit more small-sized chairs with no arms, thereby allowing you to fit more people around the table. Wide chairs with arms, on the other hand, provide more comfort but will take up more space.

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