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A quick maintenance checklist for your luxury car!

After so much quest and a bold decision, you finally invested in a luxury car.  Congrats! You did it and now you’ll drive the most comfortable and presentable vehicle in the city. But just as the rates of these cars are superior to other vehicles, even the care and maintenance of them exceed their counterparts. So, remember to keep in mind your car’s proper maintenance and care if you want it to last long.

What to do for the best performance of your luxury car?

Don’t worry! We aren’t suggesting you some exclusive and expensive steps to keep your luxury vehicle in a good condition.  Just the regular steps that you usually take with your ordinary cars but with some extra edge. Only then its classy sheen and smooth features stay intact for long.

  • Servicing is frequent — Doesn’t matter if you drive your premium vehicle frequently or not, you just can’t ignore its timely servicing session. This is important because some damages do happen to a vehicle even if it isn’t used at all. And you definitely don’t want your precious beast to have rusty engine parts and moisture in the fuel tanks! So, no matter what happens, do take your car to an experienced mechanic at least four times in a year.
  • The upholstery maintenance— We are sure you love the royal feel you get while sitting in such a luxurious car! Well, thanks to the smooth but tough leather upholstery. But just as it looks good, this even demands a lot of your attention to keep it wonderful and comfortable. You’ll need to get it vacuumed at least twice a week so that no debris and dirt stay hidden in its corners. Even cleaning this section with a mild cleaner and a microfibre cloth is highly recommended for added neatness.
  • Wheels, steering, and clutch maintenance — The super sexy wheels, the automatic steering, and the smooth clutch are everything that makes your car luxurious! So, making sure that they stay intact and perfect is essential too. Go for regular wheel alignment checks apart from regular cleaning and polishing them. Even get your steering, brakes, and clutch checked frequently if you want a seamless experience throughout your drive.
  • Careful driving — You just can’t say you are maintaining your vehicle properly if you aren’t driving it carefully. We have seen dozens of such exclusive and classy-looking cars turn into a heap of junk and given away in Auckland car wreckers like Scrap Cars. They do provide a very good sum for your badly damaged premium cars and deal with the wrecking of such old and unwanted cars. But if you don’t want your favorite luxurious vehicle to head this way, then better drive under the speed limit, never drink and drive, follow road discipline and keep an eye on your fellow drivers.

Only after following all these tips, you can be sure that your premium vehicle is cared for in the best way and would last for decades with you. Do remember to keep its paint and exterior look clean and shining as well by regular washing with a special cleaning agent for a swanky automobile.

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