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Why Luxury Car Drivers Are Involved in More Accidents

What goes on in people’s minds when they see a sports car pulling up beside them while driving?

You may have heard this before. “That driver is an accident waiting to happen.”

Now, why would they say that? Is it car envy? Are they just being petty?

They may actually have a point: luxury car drivers have a bad rap that’s well-deserved sometimes. But it’s not too late to change this impression.

Several studies have shown that drivers of flashy cars are more likely to cause accidents. Let’s look at some of the evidence.

Need for Speed

If there’s a fatal car crash, there’s a good chance that a luxury vehicle was involved. Some people just can’t resist putting the pedal to the metal when behind the wheel of a sports car.

TireReviewsAndMore analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). They looked at the numbers from 2017’s Fatal Analysis Reporting System (FARS).

Out of the 20 most popular car brands, four luxury vehicles were at the top of the list for car accidents involving speeding. Infiniti was number one, followed by Acura. Mercedes-Benz and Lexus were in the top seven.

Statistical analysis showed that 27 percent of speeding-related crashes feature luxury cars. For non-luxury vehicles, this number was 25 percent.

Driving Under the Influence

The same study compared the association of car brands in drunk driving-related crashes. Again, Infinity had the top spot. Expensive cars such as Acura, Mercedes-Benz, and Cadillac were all in the top five.

The study did warn readers to avoid sweeping conclusions when interpreting the results. Yes, the data presented significant differences between certain luxury and non-luxury brands. But it would be best if you always practiced defensive driving regardless of the cars around you.

Luxury Car Drivers Are Less Likely to Yield to Pedestrians

Another study investigated the relationship of car cost to the likelihood of yielding to pedestrians. The results showed that the more expensive the vehicle, the less likely it is to stop or slow down to allow people to cross the road.

In fact, for every one thousand dollar increase in the car’s cost, the chance of it giving way to pedestrians decreases by three percent!

If you spy a fancy car, it’s probably best to let it pass before you cross the street. Better to be safe than get involved in a car accident.

And if you sustained a car crash injury due to a reckless driver, know your rights. Check out this blog entry for more details.

Some Drivers of Luxury Vehicles Feel Entitled

The University of Helsinki published research about the behavior of high-status car drivers. Some drivers think of themselves as above the law.

This subset of drivers is more likely to ignore traffic regulations or drive with abandon. They also exhibit the personality traits of road bullies, such as being self-centered and stubborn.

It’s one of the reasons why people perceive owners of high-priced vehicles in a negative light.

The Rich, the Fast, and the Furious

The way people feel about luxury car drivers may be justified after all.

The car you’re driving, whether it’s a Toyota or a Lambo, shouldn’t matter. Always respect the rules of the road.

Showing consideration and empathy can improve the current low reputation of premium car drivers.

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