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Build That Luxury Bathroom For Less!

Finding old furniture in good condition is hard to do. Sometimes you have to visit every antique store, flea market, reseller, and auction just to find one hidden gem. Although old vanities, cabinets, and chairs are popular items to salvage, you can also make use of cast iron tubs, light fixtures, and even sinks! In fact, repurposing vintage and antique dressers is one trend that I notice among professional designers these days. What they do is cut out spaces in the dresser to hide the plumbing and to fit the sink in it. Unwanted drawers are sealed afterwards. Not only is this cost effective, you’ll also end up with a one a kind piece for your bathroom. You can also incorporate all that repurposed wood you found into the bathroom walls! Reclaimed wood panels, board and batten, or bead boards are now considered high-end alternatives to bathroom tile.

Modern Bathroom

Bathroom remodel, repurposing vintage and antique dressers, get that modern bathroom in your very own home, ways to get the look and feel of luxury bathrooms, DIY tips Framing the mirror can work wonders. In this case, the frame makes the mirror an ‘extension’ of the window. One of my favourite tricks is to dress up large slabs of builder-grade mirrors with an elaborate frame. This works for 3 reasons. First, you get the benefits of a decorative, hanging mirror at a fraction of the cost. Second, the frame works to hide any wear or damage that’s accumulated at the sides of the mirror. Lastly, a decorative mirror gives any bathroom an updated look, as said by Karen Gay Plaisted- a decorator from New York.


Keep that plumbing

Most homeowners I’ve worked with treat remodelling as a way to rearrange their bathroom. I don’t have anything against this, but if you’re remodelling with a limited budget it’s best to keep everything in place. Justin Diordan, a well-known designer, reveals that it takes approximately £ 3284.29 to relocate plumbing fixtures and other utilities like toilets and bathtubs!

Light it up!

Brining more light into your bathroom gives it an updated and spacious look. And the best thing about it is that you don’t have to visit specialty shops to get beautifully crafted light fixtures. Drop by your nearest home improvement stores and you can easily find bulbs and fixtures that match the style you are looking for.

Ask for left overs!

Believe it or not, sites like eBay can be great sources for leftover construction materials, especially tiles! Most people who remodel their bathrooms buy more materials than they actually need, but they can’t return these unused items. That’s why they go online to sell the stuff they don’t need. Apply these DIY tips on your next bathroom remodel and you’ll surely get that top-notch look without leaving your bank account empty.

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