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Budget Kitchen Renovations That Will Make Your Day

Kitchen Renovations

Home renovation is costly, and the most expensive space is the kitchen. Primarily because it’s the nervous system of the home, and it is one of the places where you not only spend time cooking delicious meals but also in creating some of the coziest and sweetest memories with your family.

But, with tons of innovations in the interior designing industry, you can renovate your kitchen within budget and still give it a classy look. All you need is thorough planning and strict budgeting. It is easy to get swayed off by the thousands of options available for kitchen renovations Newcastle NSW, and every other party involved is more interested in making profits, so you need to try your to stick to your budget.

Tips for kitchen renovation within budget

Refresh rather than replacing

Installing new kitchen cabinets is undoubtedly more expensive than upgrading the old ones. Furthermore, it is eco-friendlier as you will avoid landfilling with tons of glass, laminates, flooring, and other materials. With the following options, you will never feel the need for new kitchen cabinetries:

  • If there’s no damage caused to the materials, repaint the exterior and give a fresh look.
  • You can also reface the cabinets by adding new wood or thermofoil veneer to the exterior of the cabinets. 
  • If the material of your cabinets has worn out, painting or refacing will not help, so you will have to change them. But, change only those that you need to. 
  • Reuse the materials which can be and be more eco-friendly and less stressful on your pockets.
  • For replacing cabinets, try to think beyond the traditional methods – look out products that are partially made from MDF (Medium-density fibreboard). 
Refurbish electronics

Appliances are bound to depreciate and need to be changed. However, they create a lot of landfills too. So, you can make use of the endless resources available on the internet, or contact local shops who can help you refurbish kitchen appliances. Starting from the garbage disposal and water heater to refrigerator and dishwasher, everything can be restored.

Don’t play with the layout

When running on a strict budget, restrict yourself from changing the design of the kitchen – changing only the elements helps you to update within budget. If you change the location of the dishwasher, sink, or refrigerator, you will need a plumber. And shifting electrical appliances means having to tear out drywall and updating the wires of the kitchen – both are costly.

Try to make changes within the current framework and save tremendously.

Do it yourself

DIY projects involve no labor cost; all you need is time and pay for the cost of the materials.  

The remodeling projects vary from easy to difficult and depends a lot on your comfort level. But, you can always try your hands on interior paintings, installing baseboards, and hanging the drywall. With some research, you can also change the outlets and the lights without any paid service.

However, most people do not take up a kitchen remodeling project due to lack of time. 

Small changes make a big difference

Believe it or not, small changes like changing the light or upgrading just one wall can also have a lot of difference. Bring in some hanging lights, or if you already have pendants – replace the fixtures. 

Instead of changing all the tiles (which is very expensive), just upgrade the backsplash tiles. Or better still, you can use wallpapers. Some of the wallpapers can be cleaned easily, and you can also change them whenever you feel bored with them. 

Renovating the kitchen can be both fun and cost-saving if you think out of the box!

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