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10 Inexpensive Ways To Boost Your Home’s Value

Home improvements are a way to enhance your home’s current functionality and aesthetics, while also serving the purpose of boosting its market value.

Are you planning to sell your house in the future? To ensure your house sells quickly and at a decent price, it’s crucial to invest in some home upgrades. In this post, we’re sharing the best ways to boost your home’s value without breaking the bank.

  • Rethink Your Front Door

Your front door serves as the focal point for your property, which means it’s the first thing a visitor will notice. If replacing the door is out of your budget, you can improve it by pressure washing and repainting. The same is applicable for entry gates and garage doors.

  • Improve Landscaping

Landscaping might not be a prime feature homebuyer’s look for, but it does help in creating a good impression. Get a landscaper to replant grass and shrubs to spruce up your exteriors. 

  • Install Outdoor Lights

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking outdoor lighting. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal but also illuminates the space to deter trespassers. 

Install a combination of garden lights and string lights to make your outdoors feel warm and welcoming. To save energy costs, you can power outdoor lights with solar energy.

  • Install a Deck

While remodelling your bathroom or loft conversion will significantly increase your home’s value, they are not exactly cheap. However, installing a deck is something you can consider that won’t cost you as much. 

Composite decking in Perth is a wonderful option that offers maximum durability and adds to the visual appeal.

  • Replace Hardware and Fittings

Replace hardware such as doorknobs and cabinet handles. It might be a minor upgrade, but it is noticed by homebuyers.

  • Start Repainting

A fresh coat of paint can bring a world of difference to your interiors. This is perhaps the cheapest way to make your house look brand new. It would be best to stick to a neutral colour palette instead of picking gaudy shades.

  • Get a Handyman Involved

If your house requires several minor repairs, you should consider involving a handyman. From drywall repair to furniture assembly and installation, a handyman will get the jobs done quickly.

  • Upgrade Appliances

Kitchen is one of the features that sell a house. If you’re unable to afford a complete kitchen renovation, you can think about upgrading your kitchen appliances. Again, stick to neutral colours so your appliances complement each other.

  • Invest in Energy-Efficient Fixtures

Energy-efficient fixtures will allow energy savings for you and future homeowners. So switch out incandescent lights with LED fixtures. They are durable and consume much less energy. 

  • Deep Clean

Right before you put your home on the market, get it professionally deep cleaned. If your house is cluttered and dirty, that’s all visitors are going to notice. So neatly pack away or organise your things and give your house a thorough clean.

Final Words

The aforementioned simple changes can increase your home’s market value. Hopefully, when it’s time to sell, these cost-effective ideas help you secure a high return on your property.

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