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BMW 335i Sedan Price & Review

BMW has always believed in making the Ultimate Driving Laxuary  Machines. The ordinary, the regular and the run of the mill is not for them. They have never been part of the crowd. They have always been ahead of the crowd.That is why whenever a new BMW model is released it is always looked upon with great anticipation. The competition knows that a new standard has been set and they have to work twice as hard to catch up. BMW has always set the benchmark for automobile excellence and the 3-series is no different. Keeping with their grand traditions, the engineers at BMW have created a new gem in the 2012 335i Sedan.

BMW 335i Sedan Features

Technical Features

A 3.0 Litre, 6 cylinder, direct injection engine powers the 335i giving it 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque at just 1300 revolutions per minute. This much power, however, takes 5.3 seconds to get the car to 60 miles per hour, which is a bit slower than what most critics were expecting. The car hits a top speed of 155 miles per hour. Breaking is excellent with the car needing only 170 feet to slow down.The 335i is longer than the previous version and hence offers more space. The 335i is a rear wheel drive and is operated via 6-speed manual transmission. However, the option of having an 8-speed Steptronic Automatic Transmission is also available. Suspensions are modern with the Macpherson strut up front and Multi Link at the rear besides a four wheel independent.

2012 BMW 335i Sedan 

The fuel tank can hold 15.8 gallons premium unleaded gas at any given time. On manual transmission, this car gives 20 miles in the city and 30 on the highway. The automatic transmission gives a couple of more miles per gallon. Among the other mechanical features available on the car are the sport automatic transmission with paddle shifters, variable sport steering and adaptive M suspension.For a personal touch in the customization, the sedan comes with three choices of equipment lines. Luxury, Sport and Modern. These allow the colour schemes, trim levels and wheel designs to come in different styles so the customer can have his/her sedan the way he/she likes it.This sedan is also equipped with the automatic start/stop system, which allows the engine to be turned off at stop signs in order to conserve fuel. The customer gets an option of either 18-inch alloy wheels or 19-inch Double Spoke light alloy wheels. The sedan comes with power glass sunroofs, powered door locks and powered windows.

2012 BMW 335i

Among the more impressive features of the new 335i is the instrument panel and 6.5 inch display. The iDrive in this vehicle has been praised for its easy navigation, the accessibility of its controls and the friendliness of its display. The power steering is speed proportional, contains tilt and telescopic features and has the audio and cruise controls on it. Options for driving the sedan also includes different modes like Sport mode, Sport Plus, Comfort mode and Eco Pro modes. The four modes allow the driver to choose between different throttle responses, steering effort and gearshift patterns as per his or her requirements. Overall, the features in this car make driving the 335i a delight.

Safety Features

There are more than enough safety features on this sedan to make the occupants feel well protected. The traditionals are of course there like anti-lock braking system, traction control, stability control, front airbags, rear airbags, side airbags, collision safety system, brake force distribution, emergency braking and adjustable headrests.Other safety options on the BMW also include Lane Change warning, Lane Departure warning, Head Up display, Surround View, Real Time traffic information and Parking Assistance systems. The sedan scored very high on its safety tests and got the highest possible rating of Good from the Institute of Highway Safety.


The interiors have been well designed and look spacious and elegant. The options of equipment lines in Luxury, Modern and Sport allow the interiors to be designed as per the requirements of the customer. The materials used for constructing the interiors are of a very high quality. The leather upholstery looks and feels posh and comfortable. There is a wood trim on the console, dash and doors and the steering wheel is made of prime leather.

BMW 335i Sedan interior

The driver and passenger seats have 8-way power with adjustable lumbar support. Made of high quality leather they are height adjustable bucket seats. The back seats are spacious, offer plenty of legroom and comfortable for sitting all day on those long drives. Options are also available on heated front seats and heated steering wheel.There is quite a bit of storage space in the sedan which include all the smaller storage facilities like cup holders, console storage and door pockets. There is even the cooled storage compartment. There is an electro-chromatic rear-view mirror and dual illuminating vanity mirror. There is a lot of equipment inside the car for ensuring passenger comfort. This includes charcoal air filter, dual zone climate controls, extended cabin heating and sun sensor. There are also memorized settings for audio system and climate control.


The technology options are a bit limited in the sedan but you do get the AM/FM radio, single CD player with MP3 playback stereo, auxiliary audio input, USB connection and iPod/iPhone integration. The telematics include a Bluetooth Wireless data link and phone Pre-Wiring. However, there are options available on BMW Assist emergency communications system and Satellite radio with one year subscription. There are many optional packages available if you are prepared to pay a little more. These include a Technology package, Driver Assistance package, Premium Sound package and a Cold Weather package.

BMW 335i Sedan Price and Performance

The price for the BMW 335i sedan starts at around $ 42,000 and works its way up depending on the additional features you get on your vehicle. There are many additional options and packages available for a decent price so it would be a good idea to pay a little more and upgrade your sedan.There is no doubt that the 3-series still sets the benchmark in this segment. The 335i is a high performance vehicle with excellent features. The sedan is longer and roomier than the previous version. It is a comfortable vehicle for long distance drives and handles itself wonderfully well on tough surfaces. The iDrive technology in the version is a huge improvement over the disaster of the last series. This time BMW is offering so many different options and packages that the buyer can almost customize his/her own car.There is a lot of competition in the sedan market and BMW cars have a tough time remaining the Ultimate Driving Laxury Machines. But they are still the trendsetters and it would take a lot for the competition to take that title away from them.

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