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Best Luxury And Cozy Kitchen

Pretty Housewife in Cozy Kitchen

Kitchen: How much of this word! Here, we spend much of their time: preparing meals, going to the family for dinner and organize gatherings with friends. Therefore, the need to equip the kitchen carefully, taking into account their own preferences, size and layout of the kitchen, filling the need for its home appliances. In a word, so that you were beautiful, comfortable and convenient.Ideally, the renovation of the kitchen is best to start with : to make a design project, taking into account the peculiarities of water supply and electricity, to calculate the cost of repairs, as well as kitchen units, appliances, furniture, various shelves, ledges and light fixtures, the cost of shipping and installation.The water supply, electricity and gas to another location involves rather complicated repair work to be performed only by specialists – is the key to keeping new furniture and repairs, not just yours, but also its neighbors.The next stage – a finish floor, walls and ceiling. Paul being the biggest loads. Floor covering shall be waterproof, durable, resistant to chemicals used in the kitchen, and easy to clean. According to these characteristics, ceramic floor tile and linoleum are inferior, and parquet and laminate, and certainly not in any way, do not use carpet.

A variety of colors and simulations under a variety of materials allows the use of tile in any interior. The downside of such coatings is that during heavy objects to fall on the tile, it can break. Moreover, it is – cool stuff for heating which can use an electric or water heated floor.Choosing a tile, you should pay attention to the characteristics listed on the packaging. Kitchen comes glazed or unglazed floor tiles for domestic work, which in their resistance to abrasion refers to the 3rd or 4 th group.The following material is rated for sex in the kitchen – linoleum. Recently, it has undergone several changes for the better: become more practical, durable and diverse by design. Linoleum – the most expensive and rare material on the Ukrainian market. Its service life is 30-40 years. Positive characteristics of this type – Flame and resistance to household chemicals. It is also suitable for laying on underfloor heating. In contrast to natural, synthetic linoleum can easily spoil a sharp object, and any dye. He remains popular due to the relatively low cost and ease of installation. If you chose the synthetic linoleum, experts recommend using it with the upper protective layer thickness of not less than 0,25 mm.Laminate flooring is also quite affordable, but not as durable, and if necessary minor repairs will have to change all the flooring.Use of the kitchen flooring is not recommended, because there are often wash the floor, he is exposed to household chemicals, resulting in swelling of the coating.

In recent years, facing tile all the walls in the kitchen is no longer relevant. For this purpose, suitable wallboard and plastic art panels. They are easy to install and are not afraid of water, to the same panel, you can pick the same color as the table top. Tile is useful for lining the walls between worktop and wall cabinets.In addition to art panels, to complement the interior can be washable wallpaper, mosaic, and fluted plasters or special paintsThe range of materials for the ceiling to date is large enough. Emulsion paint and whitewash displace different suspension designs: ceiling tiles, panels, suspended ceilings, water-resistant plasterboard ceilings of heavy-duty vinyl. In addition to the attractive appearance, they hide flaws and irregularities of the ceiling.In today’s market kitchen today there is no shortage of proposals for domestic and foreign manufacturers. The most expensive cuisine – Italian and German origin. These kitchens a buyer and compete on quality and diversity of styles they can make very few Ukrainian producers.In the niche of middle-class manufacturers such as Genus, Merckx, PKC and Interstyle, trying to compete with small firms and entrepreneurs, offering almost the same kitchen sets to the difference in price up to 40%. At first glance the proposal seems tempting, but we should not delude ourselves ahead of time: small businesses can not purchase a large quantity of required quality materials and fittings, and cutting boards and sealing of the edges they are doing or in amateur conditions, or bought at the factories specializing in the manufacture of kitchens . In this case the choice of colors and textures of furniture is very limited, to develop origi.

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