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Best Japanese Style Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen in modern style

Kitchen in a Japanese style today at the height of fashion. Japanese-style interior is ideal for small spaces. Living in the country of the Rising Sun has long lived in tiny houses, and a typical Japanese apartment is rarely more than 40 square meters. But thanks to the design tricks, it looks much more spacious than it actually is. Try to design a small kitchen in the Japanese style, and you will feel as though it began to seem almost twice as much. This interior is not easy to embody in its purest form. Therefore, we describe how an easy way to give the Japanese mood Design your kuhni.Osnovy foundations of Japanese interior – natural lighting, natural materials and a minimum of parts. The main thing – the simplicity and functionality, as a kitchen – at the same time a place for cooking, eating and Wednesday obitaniya.Izbavlyaemsya of clutter and unnecessary things. In the kitchen, a Japanese-style must be a minimum of things. In this case, the kitchen has everything you need, including the most modern equipment. Simply it is hidden from prying eyes in the spacious wardrobes with opaque doors. Japanese adhere to the principle: if you want to have some sort of thing, you should have a place to store it. If you find a place you can not even, the Japanese see this as a sign that something is not needed at all. Nothing makes a small kitchen look even smaller than a lot of very different utensils, dishes and accessories that are threatening to seize the space entirely.

“Expanding our” space. Perfect order and the lack of superfluous things – best way to make the space more spacious and open. Walls can be visually push with the help of mirrors and smart lighting. Do not forget, as for the Japanese-style cuisine in the main – as much natural light as well as soft diffused light in each functional area. If you have a studio apartment, a traditional Japanese screen allows zoned space and change it depending on your desire and mood. For example, to separate the kitchen from the room. And if the screen is made of rice paper, then it will transmit light without compromising the sense of privatnosti.Podbiraem right furniture. You ever been in a traditional Japanese restaurant? Surely, you’ve been paying attention to the low tables and pillows on the floor, which replace the chairs. This is a great way to save space. But if in his desire to have Japanese-style cuisine you’re not ready to go so far as is possible to pick up traditional Japanese furniture worthy replacement. It is important that kitchen furniture has been compact and unobtrusive. Avoid heavy solid furniture is dark wood – it is visually clutter the space and occupies space. It is better to give preference to modular furniture for the kitchen of a light brown or beige wood and bright textiles. The main thing is that it would produce a feeling of solidity and stability. In the traditional Japanese interior use unpainted wood.

This emphasizes the beauty of its natural texture. Tabu for the kitchen in the Japanese style – man-made materials like plastics and plastics. Furniture & Decor Japanese use only natural materials – wood, straw, jute, sisal, bamboo, clay, glass, rice paper, silk and linen tkani.Takomu interior typical of most natural colors. Brown, camel, beige, white, milky, pearly. As an accent for the kitchen in the Japanese style will suit the various shades of red and green. It is very important to avoid too bright hues. Japanese-style interior requires a maximum of natural light. With regard to artificial lighting, give preference to lamps with spherical or rectangular shades, which provide soft, diffused light and unobtrusive. Ideally, if the shade is made of wood and rice bumagi.Ispolzuyte concise and expressive decor. Japanese-style cuisine in a traditionally decorated with engravings, calligraphy scrolls with wise sayings, flower arrangements, porcelain and figurines of gods. In the kitchen design will fit well the traditional ceramics and green plants – currently exotic bonsai tree, or any healthy plants in pots. Successful addition to the interior could be a niche in the wall. It is possible to decorate an empty vase, flowers, statues or ikebanoy.Yaponsky style and design is ideal for medium and small rooms, and given the fact that most Russian families live in small apartments, this design can be considered only vernym.

Predlagaem you do in the kitchen design Japanese style – you feel that you hustle and hurry of your life go to the second plan.God of years, manufacturers of kitchens embody the Japanese style of cuisine. Japanese theme – a big source of inspiration for designers with world imenem.Osnova design in Japanese style – minimalist, natural lighting, natural materials. The main condition – simple and functional, because the kitchen – and a place for cooking and a place for lunch and dinner, and just a nice place pastime. The interior in the Japanese style has always attracted its exotic, clean lines and a magical finesse. The correct proportions, the minimum number of items in the interior, as well as some combination of color – defines the same effect, called “eyes a rest.” For all fans of Japanese culture suggest the idea of cooking in the Japanese style, adapted lifestyle of modern man. This design in Japanese style suitable for both large spacious rooms, and for small kvartir.Bezuslovnym leader in our trendy hit parade is a Japanese-style cuisine. This design is simply indispensable in the case of a small space. It is not surprising, because the typical Japanese apartment is practically no more than forty square meters. However, various design tricks can work wonders! Make their risk a tiny kitchenette in the Japanese style, and you immediately tell the difference.

There are, however, one difficulty: this interior embody in its pure form is difficult. But do not worry, we will help you an easy way to give your kitchen a Japanese nastroenie.Nerushimaya basis of Japanese interior – it’s natural light, natural materials and a minimum of parts. In general, the essence of Japanese style can be expressed in two words: simplicity and funktsionalnost.Pervym thing to do is get rid of clutter and unnecessary things. The kitchen in the Japanese style has everything you need, including the most modern technology, but nothing more. The Japanese have one golden rule: if you want a certain thing – find a place to store it. Agree, nothing will visually small kitchen is even smaller than the supply of various utensils and accessories that are so eager to freedom.

And help us in this perfect order and the lack of superfluous things. Want to visually widen the wall? Resort to by mirrors – is a proven method. And do not forget that for a Japanese-style cuisine to more natural light. If you – the owner of studio apartments, the Japanese screen will help you correctly zoned space. With it you can easily separate the kitchen from komnaty.Chto characteristic of furniture in the Japanese style – low tables and pillows on the floor, replacing the chairs. But you can not so radical approach to solving this issue and find a worthy replacement for Japanese furniture. Importantly, try to avoid the massive dark wood furniture, because it is visually “eats up” space. Stop the choice for easy modular furniture of light-brown wood. Tabu for the kitchen in the Japanese style – artificial materials, such as plastics and plastic. So use for decoration and furniture only natural materials: wood, straw, clay, glass, silk and linen tkani.Predpochtitelna most natural colors. Brown, camel, beige, white, cream, pearl – here on what colors you should stop. As an accent, you can use shades of red and zelenogo.Yaponsky style – this is the maximum natural light. You can choose to kitchen lamp with rectangular shade. He will give a soft and diffused light. If he is made of wood and rice paper, then it will be an added plus.

The kitchen in the Japanese style is now at the height of fashion. And no wonder: the first, and self interest to the entire Japanese increases, secondly, in our small apartments, this style allows the most efficient and cost effective way to distribute the space and expand the border “. Make “Japanese Design” is not too difficult, although when it comes to prices, possible full-price range – from the cost-efficient solutions to the “real” Japanese version, which will cost not one hundred thousand. Consider the case when the Japanese interior kitchen is as simple and uncomplicated sredstvami.Pervoe and most importantly – at the heart of the Japanese style is natural light, a minimum of detail and natural materials that are used everywhere: from dishes to mebeli.Vtoroe – the kitchen is regarded as a place where food is prepared and where to eat. But also as a habitat, it must also be considered, so worth thinking about as much as possible to minimize komforte.Nachnem details. Look around. All equipment should be cleaned out of sight. Where? Over the doors in closets or even be built into the walls. If the Japanese can not think of space for new things, for it is an indication that she did not place in his life. Various small broom, napkins, flatware, scattered over all angles, dramatically reduce the living space and make the kitchen look like a little girl. Remove it all in places, most importantly, with an eye to doloy.Teper again look at what happened. We need light, and natural. For this purpose you can use mirrors to add recessed lighting (but keep in mind that it should be diffused, soft, harsh light is not needed).

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