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Best Bathroom Decorating Ideas To Make It Look More Expensive

The bathroom has been getting a lot of attention lately at all the Home Improvement Shows. What was traditionally just considered a way to add value to the home, has now been the focus of new innovations and ways to add luxury to a house. Below are a couple of ideas if you are getting ready to remodel one of your bathrooms. For a little bit of money, you can some value and a unique touch to your house.

Bathroom Decor Ideas In Budget

1. Steam Shower- The steam shower is taking over where the jacuzzi tub left off. With today’s busy lifestyle, most people don’t have to time to utilize the tub anymore. A steam shower is a great way to release the stress from the day and relax your muscles. Most steam showers will take some advanced planning, but again, the manufacturers have been modifying the equipment to make it more DIY friendly.

2. Fogless Mirrors- This is a subtle touch, but is much appreciated by everyone. Fogless mirrors help prevent the fog created by steam hitting the mirror. It is a great feature for helping to expedite the daily routine of getting ready for work.

3. Bathroom Furniture- Built around the idea of turning the bathroom into a spa like place, the addition of a sitting area and furniture has been catching on. The choice of materials will obviously be affected by the amount of steam that will be in the air, but it is a great way to create the destination feeling. All with the bathroom furniture idea comes the reinvention of the bathroom vanity. No longer are bathroom vanities just a simple box with a sink. Many of the manufacturers have been creating timeless pieces that look more like antique furniture than the traditional bathroom vanity.

4. Entertainment in the Bathroom- While once just a feature for the luxury homes, televisions and radios are now making their way into every day bathrooms. The technology is even there to build the TV into the mirror so that it can only be seen when the TV is on. This may not be for everyone, but for people that are always on the move and want to keep up with the news, this is a great feature to add to a bathroom. So when you are considering a bathroom remodel, take some of these ideas and use them in your new space. They will add a touch of luxury for very little money.

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