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Behind The Scenes Of The Limousine Industry

It started with an Auto Trader Magazine and an idea to start a business. Something profitable. Something fun. James and I (In The Scene Limousine’s two owners) were sitting around trying to brainstorm business ideas. And we saw it – a used 10 passenger Lincoln limousine. I think it was pretty inexpensive – under $20,000. But once the ideas started flowing we thought a party-bus would be the way to go because then we would be able to fit a larger party. (Little did we know at the time that the larger vehicle would ALSO require a $5 million commercial auto policy instead of the $1.5 million standard with regular-size limousines. Of course at a much bigger premium – especially for a brand new company.

Limo Service

So we found our little black party bus in September 2004. And we had in converted with all-sorts of the coolest items. Fog machine, 27″ TV, thumping sound system – stripper pole (or as we later called it ‘entertainer pole’). We were so excited and nervous to get the first few calls from the 944 magazine ad we placed in late 2004. Then the Bridal Show – watching three generations of women swinging around on the entertainer pole. It is a fun business – challenging but fun. Dealing with mechanical vehicles that break down – right at the worst moment. Before we used to be out in the party scene right along with our clients. Now we stay sober and awake for that emergency call – especially on Friday and Saturday nights for an emergency tire change, fix a door, help a chauffeur know what to do with overly intoxicated passengers. There have been plenty of events we have left to seamlessly serve our clients and make sure their nights/events/special occasions go well.

Our new challenge is to diversify our fleet and attract more corporate accounts. This is the bread and butter of chauffeured transportation companies. And we have incredibly GREAT chauffeurs who need more work Sunday-Thursday. We have 5 non-stretch vehicles and great pricing for airport transportation or transfers when people have enjoyed too many cocktails. Check back every few days for more blogs on owning a limousine and chauffeured transportation company and the challenges and joys it brings to In The Scene Limousine owners and staff! We will also discuss tips and ideas to help clients plan their events with creative ideas on parties, travel, and so on!

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