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Bathroom Decoration on a Budget: Essentials of a Stylish Bath Decor

Surely this is a special time for you since you have shifted in a new property.

Getting the first apartment fills us with a sense of pride, accomplishment and fulfilment. The first property is always the most special, which calls for incredible decor ideas. 

However, we do understand that budget can be an obstacle in the way, and so we have the perfect solution for you. 

Charming decor comes from ideas, and so we bring you a list full of affordable bathroom decor ideas that will turn your dull bathroom into a masterpiece. Read on!

  • Potted plants

An affordable investment that will give your decor a touch of nature is placing potted plants. Based on the available space, you can either choose succulents or go for a more prominent alternative. Choose the corner naturally lit with sunshine for your plants.

You can also opt for some flower varieties to add vibrancy to the entire room. Look for flowers which thrive in humid environments such as orchids or ferns.

  • A Unique Mirror

Want to add a statement piece to your bathroom? What’s better than a uniquely designed mirror?!

A mirror can change the dynamics of your decor, and so it is one of the most thought about elements in bathroom renovations in Brisbane Northside.

Whether you want a waist-length or a full-length mirror, take the structure and space of your bathroom into account to make the right choice. Place it somewhere close to the windows to enjoy the illusion of a bigger space, especially during the daytime. 

  • Interesting Lighting Fixtures

Elegant or out-of-the-box lighting fixtures can take your decor to the next level. Think creative, and you shall find something extraordinary for your bathroom.

From a small chandelier to gold-plated lighting options, choose something which adds a luxe vibe to the entire room. 

Since we are talking affordable here, you can find something cool to go with your decor theme on online stores or a backyard sale. Think recycled scrap pieces or even an old chandelier which can be fixed with ease. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

  • Antique or Rustic Storage Spaces

The essential part of a bathroom after a toilet seat and shower space is the cabinet. If you have enough space, you can strategically place an antique-looking storage cabinet. You can get it installed below your basin as well. 

You can revamp a particular corner of your bathroom with such a cabinet, a few artworks and the perfect lighting. 

  • Colour It Right!

The colour scheme that you choose for your bathroom will have a considerable impact on the final look. From nude palettes and royal shades to a smart blend of both, consult an expert for bathroom renovations in Brisbane Northside to help you find your fit.

Pair it with artworks, wallpapers and hanging pieces for an incredible colour-coordinated look. 

With these ideas, make your bathroom a haven from your stress where you could unwind and relax by taking a shower in soothing surroundings. Bookmark this post for future reference and do share your experience with us.  

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