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27 Aug 13 Top Ten Reviews Quote : "The Cookoo blends the aesthetics of a standard analog watch with the unobtrusive and non-distracting bonus of simple phone alerts."  
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23 July 13 Applesencia Quote : "El Cookoo Watch es sin duda alguna se trata de un reloj muy til para aquellos que lo aprovechen realmente como smartwatch y no como un simple reloj convencional."  
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4 July 13 all chucked up! Quote : "This little gadget serves its purpose and serves it pretty damn well."  
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25 June 13 Gadgets Boy Quote : "Setting up your CooKoo watch is very easy you simply need to download the Cookook watch app, activate your Bluetooth, press connect for few seconds and use the iOS app to complete the pairing process."  
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6 June 13 CheckItOut Quote : "Het design van het horloge is simpel, maar mooi.?Het horloge is verkrijgbaar in verschillende kleuren waaronder in het blauw, zwart en wit.?De wijzers kunnen verlicht worden en de buttons aan de zijkant zijn subtiel weggewerkt. Door de plastic band kan het horloge wat goedkoop ogen, maar dat doet niet af aan de functionaliteit en vooral de techniek wat erachter zit."  
4 June 13 Apple Addicted  
27 May 13 Business World Online Quote : "Unlike other smart watches, the Cookoo watch does not need to be recharged. It runs on a standard CR2032 lithium battery, the same used in most typical, battery operated wristwatches."  
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18 Apr 13 Gadgetsteria Quote : "a new update has dropped bringing with it some very important new features. after today's update, we're eager to once again strap it on our wrist and walk around with it on with a new sense of pride."  
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21 Mar 13 nirmaltv. Quote : "Cookoo watch has a beautifully designed analog watch face with easy to read icons to display the information you need anywhere, anytime."  
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6 Mar 13 The Australian Quote : "Also pulling in the crowds on CeBIT's first day was the "Cookoo" watch unveiled by Bluetrek Technologies from Hong Kong."  
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5 Mar 13 Upstart Business Journal Quote : "Cookoo doesn't need to be recharged as it is powered by two standard batteries that will last up to 8 months for the Bluetooth module and up to 3 years for the analogue movement of the clock hands."  
5 Mar 13 Upstart Business Journal  
5 Mar 13 Stuff.co.nz Quote : "The Cookoo, selling for $130, has a battery that lasts a year, compared to Pebble's once-a-week charge."  
4 Mar 13 Mobilizujeme Quote :"As you can see, some functions can be quite useful. If you want to take a photo with your friends, you do not look for someone to take a photo of all of you in the picture or who will be missed. Just phone to stand at a fixed location and remotely watch a picture slide."  
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3 Mar 13 Mi Apple Quote : "For geeks like me and for people who want to get this new kind of feeling it is in my eyes one of the best smart watch ideas I've seen."  
27 Feb 13 Tech Hive Quote : "Where the Cookoo differs from rival watches is with its battery – this smartwatch contains a standard CR2032 button cell battery that can be bought at stores and easily replaced by users."  
27 Feb 13 New York Times Quote : "The Cookoo offers a bidirectional "find" feature and a low-phone-battery warning; it can also set off your phone's camera by remote control, which is great for self-portraits. There's also a weird emphasis on "dropping pins" – telling your Facebook friends where you are, for example. A standard watch battery lasts nine months, and the price is reasonable."  
25 Feb 13 Techno Buffalo  
17 Feb 13 Selwynuy Blog Quote : "I personally think its worth it given the price difference to the mutewatch and the Pebble. The Pebble does give a strong consideration but it really depends. If you want a cool looking minimalist watch and consider the notifications as extra features, then the Cookoo watch is the one to get. If battery life is important to you, then cookoo is the one to get. Consider the Pebble as a viable option if you do not care much about the price, battery life and is after the e-paper display."  
14 Feb 13 PC World  
8 Feb 13 Philippine Tech Blogs Quote : "I must admit that I loved the Sony SmartWatch but I grew tired of charging it every one or two days. Reading and watching something on my watch felt nerdy on the SmartWatch, but it did not give me the satisfaction I wanted. As a matter of fact, it even came to the point that I found my watch too cumbersome. I realized that I never actually needed a nerdy watch. The Cookoo watch triggered such realization, and for the first time in my life, I finally got what I really wanted: analog and digital at the same time; elegant yet style-compatible; connected but not complicated."  
6 Feb 13 Techlicious Quote : "If the mere thought of missing a text message makes your heart skip a beat, then the innovative COOKOO watch is for you" "The COOKOO has some worthy features, including a phone call notification feature. While you may think that's silly, considering I have my cell phone tethered to me nearly 24/7, the reality is there are plenty of times I've never heard it ring, and missed plenty of text messages until hours, even days, later."  
1 Feb 13 Andrew Munsell Quote : "Cookoo hasn't changed my life, but it has changed my dependence on my phone"  
31 Jan 13 iMagazine  
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25 Jan 13 Macrumor Quote : "Now the command button features are awesome. This stops me from having to pull my phone out for simple tasks. There isn't a ton of command features built in yet. Cookoo has told me there is more in the works as well as an open API for developers coming soon."  
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18 Jan 13 David Loeser Youtube Quote : "Bluetooth Smart watches are huge at CES this year...in my honest opinion, COOKOO is ... among all of them...the one that makes most sense. App is version one...it will improve as time...that's the beauty of it. I highly recommend it. I tried all five of them at CES and this is by far...the best..."  
18 Jan 13 LAPTOP magazine Quote : "Super-long battery life; Beautiful design; Useful proximity alert"  
15 Jan 13 Coolest Gadgets Quote : "Rather than serving as another device on which to read or interact, I would prefer something that is sort of an extension of my phone features. Cookoo proves to be a reminder device rather than a total communication device."  
14 Jan 13 NDTV Gadgets Quote :"Smart" watches that talk to cellphones have been around for some time, but they've been hampered by their high battery drain - usually needing recharging every few days. At this week's International CES electronics trade show in Las Vegas, a startup launched a smart watch, the Cookoo, that runs for a year on a standard button cell."  
14 Jan 13 Daily Grommet Quote :"Jules Pieri, Daily Grommet's cofounder and CEO, says the COOKOO watch appealed to her team because it solves the problem of wanting to check a smartphone during a meeting or social gathering but not wanting to appear rude or inattentive."  
12 Jan 13 Tech Time Central  
12 Jan 13 Apps Gone Free Quote :"Most importantly, the Cookoo watch doesn't need recharging and uses a standard button battery that can be easily replaced by a user"  
11 Jan 13 Laptop magazine Quote : "the COOKOO, an analog watch that's more fashion wrist piece than high-tech gadget, might be your best choice."
11 Jan 13 Oregon Live Quote : "CES also saw the launch of the Pebble, a programmable smart watch with a fully digital display. Users can send different "watch faces" to it and make it perform a wider range of tricks than the Cookoo can, but it needs to be recharged every week."
11 Jan 13 Fox 2 News at 9 Quote : "The watch can also talk back to the phone, so you can use it as a remote release for the camera."  
11 Jan 13 Daily Grommet  
11 Jan 13 Daily Grommet  
10 Jan 13 MacMixing  
9 Jan 13 G style magazine  
9 Jan 13 phandroid.com Quote : Crack open the birdhouse and not only do you get your watch, but you also get a functional birdhouse that you can actually put in a tree right before you hug it.  
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6 Jan 13 Forbes Quote : "[COOKOO] is an elegant piece of wearable tech - in that at first blush it doesn't look like tech. The smart watch's analog aesthetic is complemented by simple icons...For iOS users who embrace the idea of being constantly connected, this watch piece is quite a viable option."