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7 DIY Makeover Ideas to Give Your Bathroom a Luxurious Feel

Does your bathroom look a few decades behind the rest of your house? Is spending time in there an experience that you endure out of necessity as opposed to desire?

If so, it’s time to give your bathroom the renovation it needs.

If you’ve been putting off updating your bathroom because you fear it’ll be expensive, don’t worry. There are a ton of great DIY bathroom decor ideas that you can take advantage of. All of these are cheap but can make a big difference.

To help you out, we’ve put together this list. By the time you finish reading, you’ll be ready to create a bathroom that looks like something out of a luxury spa. 

Read on to learn about seven DIY bathroom makeover ideas that can transform any space.

  1. Add a Storage Ladder

Storage is always hard to come by, especially in smaller rooms, like bathrooms. To make your life easier and add a serious aesthetic element to the room, look into building a storage ladder.

With a few pieces of wood and a drill, you can construct a piece of furniture that holds towels and other types of fabric. You can even install a basket on it to hold candles, soap, and other smaller objects. 

Most people put their storage ladder behind their toilets, but you can choose to put it anywhere you have room. Don’t forget to match it with the style of the bathroom!

  1. Tile a Mirror

Many older bathrooms come with tiny, impractical mirrors. These fog up when you get out of the shower and don’t look modern in any way. 

Unfortunately, modern and expansive mirrors can cost hundreds of dollars. For many people, that’s an upgrade that they’re not willing to make.

Save money while updating the room by adding tiles around your current mirror. This is simple and cheap to do but can make a big difference in how space feels.

You can even look into buying a cheap new mirror then updating that. Just make sure to do your research to find the best bathroom mirrors to invest in

  1. Install Shelves

Shelves are another great storage solution, and most people have the space to install them in even the smallest of bathrooms. 

For simple shelves, all you need are a few pieces of wood and brackets to hold them. You can install a single shelf or a few shelves on top of one another if you have the room.

You can then use them to add both practicality and aesthetic to the room. Use them to hold everything from soaps and hand towels to plants and candles. 

  1. Spruce up the Space With Plants

If you’re unsure how to spruce up a room, the tried and true tactic is to add some plants. Your bathroom can also benefit from this. 

Plants are one of the best ways to breathe life into a room (literally). Green is also an important element of feng shui if you’re into that. 

Unless you have a lot of natural light in your bathroom, make sure to choose a plant that’s happy receiving limited amounts of light. Dead or dying plants don’t offer any aesthetic value whatsoever. 

  1. Add Artwork 

We use artwork to add dimension to the spaces outside of the bathroom, so why not do the same inside the bathroom? 

Look into adding a large print or a trendy piece of abstract art. It will catch the eye of everyone who enters your room and show that your bathroom is more than just a place to pop in and out of. 

If you have the room, you can also look into adding an entire gallery wall. Make sure that the picture frames you use can handle moisture and humidity from the shower, however. 

  1. Reuse Old Candle Jars

Most luxurious bathrooms have candles in them to truly create that spa-like feel. Yet, instead of tossing the candle jars once they burn out, consider getting creative with them.

You can use them as attractive holders that can house many different objects. From cotton swabs to new candles and even plants, they’re a great way to add a luxurious and vintage feel to the room.

You can place them around your counter or try putting them on one of the previously mentioned storage solutions. Just make sure that you put them somewhere where people can see them! 

  1. Play Around With a Tub Caddy 

If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, adding a tub caddy is a simple yet big step you can take towards creating the relaxing and luxurious room of your dreams.

You can use a wooden caddy for a more rustic look or another material if you want something more modern. As long as it fits inside your tub and is stable, anything will work.

Once you have it, you can then use it to hold decorative items when you’re not taking a bath. When you’re in the tub, it’s great for an iPad, a bottle of wine, and a couple of candles. 

Simple DIY Bathroom Makeover Ideas That Make a Big Difference 

If you’re looking to breathe some life into your bathroom, don’t feel like you have to spend thousands of dollars gutting the room. In reality, there are many simple yet transformative DIY bathroom makeover ideas that you can do. 

Try out some of the ideas mentioned in this guide. In doing so, you’ll end up with a spa-like bathroom that you love spending time in. 

Are you looking for more DIY bathroom remodel ideas? If so, take a moment to check out the rest of our site for more guides and tips. 

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